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Rely On A 6kW Solar System For Your Solar Needs

Our 6kW solar systems can help you save on your electricity bills and switch to renewable energy too
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Do I need a 6kW Solar System?

Are you interested in alternative methods to power your home? Homeowners throughout the United Kingdom have been looking into ways of generating their own electricity. One of the most popular methods on the market are solar panel systems.

Depending on how much electricity your household uses, large homes or even a small business can be powered using a 6kW solar panel system. This size system is an efficient and reliable method that will provide you with the power output you will require to keep your property running.

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We supply some of the top-rated solar products to our customers so you can have confidence in your solar installation

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Our team of reliable solar panel installers near you are able to work out how solar PV will transform your household before we install panels at your home. After we’ve designed your system, we’ll be able to telly ou all the key details like the full cost of your solar panels, and how soon you can expect to see a return on your investment.

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How much will a 6kW solar panel system cost?

The final price of your solar panel system will vary depending on a variety of different factors. These factors include:

  • What size solar system you need to power your home.
  • The amount of solar panels you require.
  • The type of solar panels you wish to install on your property.
  • Any labour or installation costs.
  • What type of solar inverter you purchase.
  • If you require a solar battery or batteries.


However, to give you a general idea as to how much a 6kW solar panel system may cost, you should expect to spend anywhere between £9,000 and £11,000 on average. These figures should be taken as a general guideline, if you are looking for specific information relating to how much a 6kW solar panel system may cost your household, you should get in touch with ESE Group‘s solar panel experts who can provide you with all the details.

How much money can my solar panel system save me?

We cannot tell you how much money you can save without specific details relating to your household. The amount of money you could save is completely dependent on how much power your solar panels produce, and how much of that electricity you go on to use. We can provide an accurate quote when we know more about your household and its energy usage.

Typically, throughout the year the amount of electricity that your household will need will vary massively. For example, you may need more electricity during the winter months as there is a higher electricity demand in residential properties during that time of year. Whereas in the summer, when you might be spending more time outside and will become less reliant on household appliances like your tumble dryer, you may need less energy.

In order to give you a general idea regarding how much money you could save by installing your own 6kW solar panel system, typically households in the UK can save up to £430 a year on average. However, this figure should only be taken as a guideline as you could save more or less depending on various factors including:

  • Your household’s energy usage.
  • The amount of sunlight your panels can capture.
  • Whether your solar system utilises a solar battery storage solution.

6kW Solar System Advantages

Save On Your Energy Bills

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of installing your own solar panels on your property is the potential savings that you can make. As the UK continues to struggle with spiralling energy costs, by installing solar panels on your property, you will be able to generate your own electricity to run your household.

Gain Energy Independence

By having your very own solar PV system, you won’t be reliant on the National Grid any longer. The Grid powers the vast majority of households throughout the UK, however, it can leave you vulnerable to price increases and efficiency issues like potential power cuts. Instead of powering your home with the electricity stored in the Grid, why not install your very own solar panels and gain energy independence?

Become More Environmentally Friendly

Every solar system, no matter the size, will have quite the reputation for being eco friendly. This is because solar panels work by capturing rays from the sun and converting that into solar power. Considering the fact that most homes in the UK are currently powered using fossil fuels, this is considerably more environmentally friendly. Additionally, solar power is a renewable energy resource, which proves there is a future in this type of technology.

6kW Solar System Disadvantages

High Initial Investment

If you are thinking about having solar panels installed on your property, you may already be aware of the significant initial cost that you will have to pay. While the price of solar panels on the whole is on the decrease, the investment will still set you back a considerable amount. However, it is important to remember that following the investment your solar panels will help you save money, and in their lifetime, will actually start to make you money in the long run.

Additionally, solar panel installers will need to take into consideration the installation location. Typically, in the case of residential properties, most solar panel systems will be installed using your available roof space, which can be a difficult task. In addition, this has the possibility to accrue further installation costs due to the time consuming nature of the task.

Solar Panels Require A Lot Of Space

Most solar panels are typically sized at 65 x 39 inches. Depending on the amount of solar panels you require to provide your household with enough energy, you may not have the required roof space to install the necessary panels.

If you require more solar panels, they will take up more space on your roof. In the case that you don’t have enough roof space available, then installing solar panels on your property may not be suitable.

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6kW Solar Systems FAQs

Some of the most common questions about 6kW solar systems are answered for you here…

Throughout the year, you will find that there are periods where your solar panel system is producing more energy than your household requires. While your demand may decrease, your solar panels will continue to convert as much electricity as possible. But what can you do with the excess electricity?

You should consider signing up for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). The SEG scheme is backed by the UK government, and essentially the scheme will pay you for sending any excess electricity that your solar panels produce back to the National Grid.

Typically, most solar panel systems will last between 25 to 30 years, if well maintained. When you purchase your solar system, you should ensure that it comes with a warranty length of 25 years, as this is the industry standard.

Most solar panels tend to break even between 7 to 10 years once you have purchased them. After this time period has passed, you will essentially be producing ‘free energy’ as you will have made back the money you spent initially. This is exactly why investing in solar panels is considered cost effective in the long run.

Like any other solar system, the amount of solar panels it requires is highly dependent on the wattage (W) of the panels you choose to install on your property. For example, if you choose to purchase 250 W solar panels, then you will need 24 panels to utilise your 6kW solar panel system.

In order to install the required number of solar panels on your property to produce enough electricity to fulfil your household’s requirements, you will need approximately 40m² of available space on your roof.

In order for your 6kW solar panel system to work effectively, you will need to purchase a solar inverter. Solar inverters work to convert DC (direct current) which your solar panels will create by capturing sunlight, into AC (alternating current) which can then be used to power your standard household appliances and everyday devices.

Typically, solar inverters have a standard lifespan of between 10 to 12 years. This means that you may need to purchase at least two inverters during the lifespan of your solar system.

While a solar inverter is a necessary piece of equipment to ensure your 6kW solar panel system works effectively, including battery storage is only a useful addition. Solar batteries work by providing battery storage for the solar power that your solar panels produce. This stored power will come in handy for later use, especially on days where your panels haven’t been able to capture enough sunlight or during the night time.

If you are looking to add a solar battery to your 6kW solar panel system, the typical battery price averages between £1,200 to £6,000. The final price depends on the battery storage features and quality of the battery.

Additionally, solar batteries tend to last between 5 to 15 years. This means that a single battery will not last the entire lifespan of your 6kW solar panel system, and you may need to purchase multiple batteries.

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