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Do I need an 8kW Solar Panel System?

If you have been looking into ways to take back control of your power consumption, then look no further than installing your very own solar panel system. As energy prices continue to spiral, everyone is looking for ways to minimise their energy bills and take back control of the power they are using in their households.

For those living in a larger family home, or if you are looking for ways to power your small business, then look no further than an 8kW solar system. This size system will be the perfect power solution for your property.

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We supply some of the top-rated solar products to our customers so you can have confidence in your solar installation

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How much will an 8kW solar system cost?

There are a variety of factors that can influence the final price of any solar system, including the 8kW variation. These include:

  • How many solar panels you require.
  • The type of solar panel you choose to purchase.
  • Any installation difficulties.
  • What type of solar inverter you choose to purchase.
  • Whether you wish to incorporate a solar battery into your system.


Due to the vast amount of variables, it is impossible to predict the final price of your solar panel system without all of the information. However, to give you a general idea as to how much an 8kW solar system may cost, they typically range between £13,000 to £14,000 on average in the UK.

If you are looking for an estimated price on how much a solar panel system may cost your household, then why not contact ESE Group’s solar panel experts to arrange a quote.

How much money can I save with an 8kW Solar System?

Similar to the cost of a solar panel system, the amount of money you will save can also differ. This will occur naturally as the amount of electricity you use throughout the year will rise and fall. However, the main factors that will contribute to how much your system can save you are how much solar power your system creates, and how much of that power you use.

However, to give you a general understanding as to how much money you could save by using an 8kW solar system, the average annual savings seen throughout the UK is around £553 per household. With the standard payback period landing around the 11 to 12 year mark, from then on your solar panel system will be making you money.

Additionally, if you find that you have solar power left over that you are not utilising, you should consider signing up for the UK Government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Through the SEG scheme you can earn extra money by selling your excess solar power back to the National Grid.

8kW Solar System Advantages

Slash Your Energy Bills

By installing solar panels on your property, you will see a reduction in your electricity bills. This is because the vast majority of UK homes are powered by the electricity stored in the National Grid. Instead of relying on the Grid, you will be able to use the electricity found in solar power, which is captured by your solar panels for free.

Produce Your Own Electricity

Once you have installed solar panels on your property, you will be able to utilise the reliable solar power that they produce. This means you won’t be reliant on the big energy companies, and will no longer be vulnerable to the power cuts that the Grid suffers from. Additionally, you will also have extra protection against energy cost rises.

Not only that, but you will also receive greater control over your electricity usage. The PV power that your solar panels capture will be stored in a data logger or controller device. Often available for you to look at through a LCD display screen, the controller device will display the input and output power to help you control how much power your household uses and monitor what power output is remaining.

Limit Your Impact On The Environment

As we’ve previously mentioned, most households in the UK are powered by the National Grid. The Grid utilises electricity that is produced through the burning of fossil fuels, which is damaging to the environment. By installing solar panels on your property, not only will you be reducing your household’s carbon footprint, but you will also receive your household’s electricity from a renewable source.

8kW Solar System Disadvantages

High Initial Costs

The main drawback of solar panel systems is the high initial costs that come along with them. The bigger the system, or the more solar panels you require, the more expensive the purchase will become. Additionally, labour costs and installation costs could rise depending on the complexity of the job.

However, it is important to note that the cost of solar panels are on the decline as they become more popular and the technology surrounding the systems becomes more understood. And at ESE, we can support you with solar finance options that make solar panels accessible to more people.

Reliance On Sun Exposure

Due to the very mechanics of solar panel systems, your household’s electricity power will be solely dependent on the sun exposure that your household receives. Solar panels are able to create electricity through their ability to capture sunlight. If there are days where there isn’t as much sunlight, or if your solar panels will suffer from an obstruction during peak capturing times, then they will not be as efficient.

However, this does not mean that solar panels cannot create electricity on overcast or duller days. They don’t require direct sunlight to operate. Your household will still receive power, the system will simply not work as efficiently.

Space Limitations

With solar panels requiring sun exposure to create solar power, the amount of areas in which you can install the panels on your property may be limited. If an area does not receive sunlight during peak times, it would not be suitable to have solar panels installed in that specific location.

Additionally, if you have limited available roof space for your rooftop solar panels you may struggle to install enough solar panels to power your home. The more panels you need, the more cables will be required to get the system up and running, which is another space consideration that will need to be taken into account.

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How many solar panels does an 8kW Solar System need?

In order to power your 8kW solar system, you will need to know how many solar panels you need to create the required amount of solar power for your household. Typically, a system of this size will need between 20 to 24 solar panels in order to work effectively.

In terms of how much roof space you may need in order to install the necessary amount of solar panels, you will need between 34m² and 40.8m² available roof space on your property. However, this is highly dependent on the type and size of solar panels that you choose to purchase.

How many solar panels

8kW Solar System FAQs

Some of the most common questions about an 8kW solar system are answered for you here…

A solar kit, or solar panel system, comes with several key features. These include:

  • Solar panels.
  • Mounts for the panels.
  • A solar inverter.
  • A solar battery, or batteries.
  • Cables/wires to connect the various parts together.


One of the most important elements of your solar kit is the power inverter. Also known as a solar inverter, this piece of equipment works by converting the direct current (DC), which your solar panels work to generate, into alternating current (AC). The latter current can be used to power your everyday electrical appliances and devices.

Alternatively, you can purchase a hybrid inverter which combines the job of a solar inverter and a solar battery. Most solar inverters will last between 10 to 12 years, meaning you may need to purchase at least two during the lifespan of your solar panels.

While solar batteries are a highly recommended element of any solar panel system, they are not strictly required in order for the system to work. This piece of technology works by filling your battery capacity with electricity to use at a later date. You can then utilise this electricity during times where your solar panels haven’t produced enough power to keep your home running (which is more common in winter months), or during power outages.

The most common type of solar battery is the lithium ion batteries, however lead acid batteries also come highly recommended. Before you purchase a solar battery, ensure that you check the battery voltage to ensure it is both compatible with your system and fulfils your requirements.

Most solar batteries last between 5 to 15 years, meaning that you may need to purchase at least two during the lifespan of your solar panel system.

While we have primarily focused on on-grid solar power systems, you can also have panels installed on off grid homes. The primary difference between the two different types of systems is that off grid solar systems are not connected to the National Grid. This means that you cannot rely upon the Grid if your solar panel system does not capture enough solar power. In these cases, having a backup power source like a solar battery or generator will provide you with a safety net.

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