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Solar panel mounting seems so simple that it’s often overlooked. Yet, it’s an integral part of the whole system. How you build your mounting influences the amount of energy you can harvest with solar panels. It even affects the final price of the setup.

If you know about proper mounting, you can save time, effort, and money. Fortunately, this guide will give you an idea of how ESE Solar can help with your solar panel mounting!

The Solar Mounting System

A solar mounting system is like the backbone of your solar panel setup. Its purpose is to secure the whole structure and ensure nothing flies or falls off the roof. A proper system means safety for the people living in your home.

Moreover, it acts as a pitch for your solar panels. People use it to mount their system at an angle that catches sunlight.

How To Mount Solar Panels

First, it’s better for a solar system installer like ESE Solar to survey your property. All homes are unique, and there may be nuances in the mounting to fit your house.

Our professionals have the training and expertise. They can design the right system for you.

With that, here’s the general process of how to mount solar panels.

1. Pitched Roof Solar Panel Mounting

If you have a pitched-type roof, we’ll construct scaffolding to safely position the panels when carrying out our solar installation (you can see this video here to get an idea about how we install and mount your solar system).  We can set this scaffolding up days before your mounting system gets delivered.

Next, we’ll measure the surface area of your roof. It’s necessary so we can compute how many solar panels to fit. Planning the panel placement is a must.

Since the roof is at an angle, we’ll determine which direction your solar panels should face. We consider trees or buildings that could block sunlight.

In general, a south-facing solar system gets the most amount of sunlight. But east or west-facing roofs can also see a decent amount of sunlight throughout the day, so mounting solar panels here isn’t the worst idea if a south-facing system isn’t an option for you. 

Pitched Roof Mount Installation

ESE Solar’s installers attach hooks to your roof with a weather-proof sealant. Next, we connect rails to the hooks and then clamp solar panels onto the rails.

Aluminium is the best material for rails for this type of roof. It’s light enough that it won’t break your roof. It’s also affordable and sturdy! In some cases, people opt for steel mounting instead of aluminium. This is the better option if your area is windy and you need the extra support to ensure your solar panels are secure. 

ESE Solar can present you with your options for materials when we know more about your solar needs. 

Perks of Pitched Roof Mounting

Here are a few reasons why connecting solar panels to a pitched roof is a good idea.

  • It’s more affordable than the flat roof or ground-type mounting.
  • There’s natural ventilation that keeps the solar panels cool.
  • You won’t have problems with drainage during heavy rain.

2. Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting

If you have a flat roof, we’ll install your solar mounting system in a way that’ll tilt the panels at an angle.

Doing this is a must because sunlight in the UK is at a 60-degree angle. It means we have to account for this by keeping the solar panels at a 40-degree angle to get the most of the sunlight heading towards your solar panels.

Weight is another issue you might encounter when it comes to flat roofs. We’ll need to pick a mount that won’t put a load on your roof.

It’s better to have ESE professionals check if it’s possible to build a system for this type of roofing.

Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting System Perks

  • Unlike pitched roofs, you can face your solar panels in any direction if you have a flat roof.
  • You could save space by pitching your panels in an east-to-west direction. They won’t cast shadows on each other in this orientation. Plus, you get better high wind resistance.
  • On the other hand, if you mount it facing the south, you can generate more electricity.

3. Ground Type Solar Panel Mounting

Ground-type solar panel mounting is ideal for properties with plenty of unused floor space. We can pile your mount directly into the ground for easy access too.

Some people choose to make the mount adjustable. This is so they can change the angle of their panels during winter to make the most of the sunlight during different times of the year. 

Moreover, it’s possible to raise the height of the mount. In this case, you can get creative with what to do with the space under the solar panels.

Solar Panel Mounting FAQs

Here are other common questions about solar panel mounting you may have:

1. How secure is solar panel mounting?

With ESE Solar, all of our solar panels are mounted securely and come with a 26-year warranty as standard – THAT’S how confident we are in our solar panel installers’ ability. 

If installed incorrectly, solar panels could slide off the roof. It’s important that you consider wind resistance and use the right clamps and sealants to secure everything. ESE will do this as standard to ensure your solar panel system is as secure as possible. 

2. Will solar panel mounting damage my roof?

Without an expertly trained team of solar installers, solar panel mounting can lead to damage. Mounting solar panels wrong will lead to problems, but only if you rely on DIY work or ask untrustworthy installers to do the work for you. 

At ESE Solar, our team of fully licensed, trained, and accredited solar installers won’t ever cause damage to your roof. With prior knowledge and previous experience comes expertise, and our team are all experts at what they do. 

3. How long does it take to install solar panel mounting?

For ESE Solar, installing a 12-panel system on a standard roof will only take one day. Of course, the time frame varies depending on your property, the size of your solar array, and how complicated the mounting process will be. 

Solar Panel Mounting Conclusion

Solar panel mounting is a vital component of solar systems. It affects the amount of energy you can harvest from the sun, and it helps keep your solar panels secure.

It’s always best to consult with ESE Solar so we can help you install your mounts correctly! Fill in this quick form today, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your solar needs in greater detail and explain more about the solar mounting process.

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With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill


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