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Uhome Lithium Batteries In Brief:

Uhome Lithium Batteries are a robust battery brand. They have advantages and disadvantages, so here at ESE Solar they are not one of our frontline battery brands, but we do install them for some customers when their use is appropriate.

Their big advantage is superior performance in cold weather: they have little performance reduction compared to many other companies’ battery products when the temperature drops. This means you can put them in a garage or loft without worrying that the system will degrade in cold conditions.

These batteries have a great charge and discharge rate of 30 amps which means faster charging. They have a built-in modem so that each battery can be connected to the internet for remote diagnosis, problem-solving and firmware upgrades: this is an advantage over other systems where the monitoring is done via the inverter software.

  • The batteries can be connected in either parallel or series for use in low voltage systems like most residential solar arrays or can be connected in series to create high voltage capacity.
  • The high quality engineering of the battery hardware ensures very good performance and power loads.
  • When used in conjunction with a combiner box a single stack can charge and discharge at 7 kW when paired with the correct controller.
  • 6000 amps warranty: this is a long warranty compared to some others.
  • Easily expandable with multiple controllers for one stack of batteries.
  • Anti-stalling programme: battery can be brought online and offline quickly.
  • Disadvantages: the batteries are not dustproof. They are also large and unwieldy compared to some competing units, so are not suitable for installation in tight spaces.


AOBOET Company Overview:

AOBO Environmental Technology (AOBOET) has been making batteries for 18 years. Headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China – where the pandas come from – it prides itself on creating advanced battery technology for a wide range of applications.

AOBOET Uhome Battery Specifications

AOBO Uhome batteries claim to have advanced features which are superior to other batteries.

Uhome batteries do not show a reduction in performance in cold temperatures, compared to many lithium batteries; they remain at full capacity down to zero degrees Celsius. In addition, each battery has superior charge and discharge rates of 30 amps which means faster charge and discharge capability. Each unit has an inbuilt individual modem, which means the simple connection of each battery to the internet allows specific monitoring, technical support and future upgrades where needed.

The batteries can be connected in either parallel or series. If used in residential low voltage systems typical of most domestic solar arrays, parallel connections are used.  They also can be connected in series to create high voltage capacity.

The exceptionally high specification hardware on the batteries allows for very high performance and power loads.

When used in conjunction with a combiner box a single stack can charge and discharge at 7 kW when paired with appropriate controllers.

Expandable Setup

Uhome battery storage systems can be supplied and installed with one to eight batteries. Most ESE Solar customers start with either a two or three battery system and later add extra batteries if required.

Fast Charge and Discharge Rates

Most lithium batteries available today require a minimum of three batteries in order to achieve the maximum charge and discharge rate of 3 kW. With just two of Uhome 2400 batteries the system can achieve up to 3.5 kW and a maximum of 3.6 kW with three or more batteries attached to an appropriate controller.

Inverter Compatibility With Uhome Lithium Batteries

Below is a list of Inverter/Controller brands that are tested and fully compatible with Uhome LFP2400 and LFP2500 lithium battery units.

  • Lux Power Tek
  • Solis
  • SMA
  • Sunways
  • Sofar
  • Victron
  • Sensrgy
  • Think power
  • Goodwe
  • BBB
  • Growatt
  • Solplanet
  • Sermatec
  • Must


Uhome Battery Specifications


Uhome 2400LFPUhome 2500LFP
Total Energy 2.4kWh2.5kWh
Usable Energy (DC)2.2kWh2.3kWh
Nominal Dis-/Charge Power1.5kW1.5kW
Peak Power (Only Discharge)3kW for 3s3kW for 3s
Constant Current (Only Discharge) 40A40A
Voltage 48~56Vd.c48~56Vd.c
Nominal Voltage 51.2Vd.c51.2Vd.c
Nominal Current30A 30A
Max. Charge Voltage 57.6Vd.c 57.6Vd.c
WIFI Frequency Range 2400MHz~2483MHz2400MHz~2483MHz
Weight 27.5kg27.5kg
Warranty 10 years10 years
Life Span 15 years15 years
Communication CAN/ RS485CAN/ RS485
Protection ModeDual hardware protectionDual hardware protection
Operating Temperature
Charge From 0~50℃From 0~50℃
Discharge From -10~55℃From -10~55℃
Dimension(mm) 500x442x133mm500x442x88mm


Uhome Battery Pros and Cons


  • Uhomes have a good discharge rate of 1.5 kW per battery
  • They have battery-by-battery monitoring
  • Each battery has a modem so it can be linked up to the internet and ESE Solar can remotely monitor and diagnose each battery individually in case of problems with the system.
  • Very robust and temperature-resilient
  • Good warranty



  • Not dustproof
  • Rather large and unwieldy units


Uhome Battery FAQs

Q: How long will a Uhome battery last?

A: Generally lithium batteries tend to last around 10-15 years. With the lifespan of a solar panel being over 25 years normally, you should expect to replace the batteries once during that time.

Q: Are Uhome batteries worth having from a financial perspective?

A: It depends on your system, the location and weather, and how much electricity you use. Batteries are an additional cost, but they also allow the solar energy producing system to be more efficient and also can store electricity you generate yourself or off-peak power from the grid, thus saving money.

Uhome Battery Summary

These Uhome batteries are certainly a product to be considered, if there is the space to install them successfully. Their SMART monitoring abilities and robust performance makes them a good brand, particularly if their location is likely to be cold for some of the year. 

Uhome batteries are easily expandable so can grow with the development of your home solar system. That said, they are somewhat bulky and heavy, so this can be disadvantageous in some situations. 

Overall, consult your ESE Solar supplier and we will recommend the best type of battery for your particular energy installation.

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Cut your electricity bills

Generate your own electricity with a solar PV system

With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill


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