Big Energy Saving Week

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It’s Big Energy Saving Week and it’s all about helping you spend less on your electricity bills and helping the environment! Big Energy Saving Week is not just about using less energy. It’s also about helping you save money and stay on top of your bills. With the current pandemic and many on furlough it’s […]

Solution – Not Pollution in 2021 :What More Can Be Done?

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It’s a new year and many of us look at January as a time to start fresh or turn over a new leaf. While it is an opportunity to make positive changes in our own lives, we cannot ignore the critical state of our environment. Global warming is growing year after year and climate change […]

Heat Or Eat

Fuel Poverty - ESE Group

Fuel poverty isn’t something you’d immediately think of when you think of the UK. But sadly,  it is a huge issue across the UK and due to Covid-19 the problem has escalated drastically.   This year has seen a huge surge in people working from home and with this, comes an increase in fuel consumption. While many of us don’t consider this an […]

How Military Veteran Regained Home of 52 years with help from ESE Group

Geoff Cunliffe - ESE Group

A few months ago, our Customer Service team received a call from Barbara Meszaros the neighbour of Geoff Cunliffe, a military veteran from St Albans, Hertfordshire. We were told how Mr Cunliffe, 92, was scammed by construction workers who left his house completely unsafe and in a sorry state of disrepair. He was left with […]

Introducing The ESE Group #BIGGIVEBACK

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This year, more people than ever in our local community are struggling to make ends meet as a result of losing their job’s to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For a lot of families, elderly and the vulnerable, Christmas is going to look and feel very different, with many unable to put food on the table. As […]