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Solar Maintenance

Your Solar System Efficiency & Savings Depend on Good Maintenance

Keeping your solar panels in good working order is vital for you to get the very best from them. An annual solar panel service and regular solar panel maintenance are important. An issue with your solar PV (photovoltaic) system, whatever the cause, may not be noticeable to you right away, but will have a huge impact on your electricity bill and any SEG payments. To keep your PV solar systems working with maximum efficiency, maintaining solar panels is vital.

Regular checks and preventative maintenance or repairs can help ensure that your solar panels are working and generating at their optimum level. With a solar panel maintenance scheme from ESE Solar, you can have the confidence that should a problem arise, you’ve got the servicing and support you need to have the issue taken care of, all whilst keeping solar panel maintenance costs low.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Regular solar panel maintenance helps keep your solar panel systems operating at a level that will help you maximise your energy savings and earnings. As a particularly valuable piece of equipment, you should look at solar panel servicing in much the same way as you might a car.

If you’ve invested in solar, you want to be able to reap the benefits of electricity generation for decades – and the best way to do that is keep your solar panels generating electricity, with no downtime due to solar repairs or needing to install a whole new system. The Complete Solar PV Maintenance Package from ESE Solar offers complete peace of mind and protection for your solar panels by ensuring that they perform to the best of their ability, and continue to give you the maximum returns and savings throughout their lifetime.

Got a Problem with Your Solar PV But Unsure Where to Turn?

If you’ve previously had solar panels fitted, but the company that completed the original installation has gone out of business, you’re probably wondering where to turn when you have a problem with your solar power system. Many owners of solar-installed properties may not have been the person who had them installed in the first place, so they might be unaware which of the local solar companies installed them, and indeed whether the system is still under a warranty of some sort.

The ESE Maintenance program takes the worry out of solar by offering domestic solar PV owners full protection of their solar energy system, providing peace of mind should an issue arise. Our maintenance package ensures that your solar panels are performing to the best of their ability, maximising returns and keeping your energy bills and carbon footprint as low as they can possibly be.

Solar Panel Maintenance Plan Costs

For a monthly fee of £22.99, solar PV owners can get full protection for solar repairs and servicing on their system. ESE Solar can give you peace of mind by offering a comprehensive aftercare service package to ensure your solar PV system is performing at its best year after year, protecting your return on investment and helping you maintain solar panels in the way they should be.


What's included in your Solar Panel System Maintenance Plan?

You’ll get a comprehensive series of maintenance checks on your solar set up including the following:

Inverter Replacement

Solar PV Panels

Call out & Labour

Qualified Staff

AC/DC Isolators

MC4 Connectors

Telephone Support

Generation Meter


Annual Health Check

Repair or Replacement of faulty electrical components

The above will help with issues surrounding conversion efficiency, dirt build up (excessively dirty solar panels will have a much worse power output), fault finding, cleaning solar panels, and much more besides. Our maintenance packages cover all the most important tasks when maintaining solar panels.

What are the Common Problems With Solar Systems?

A maintenance program with a solar panel repair professional and trusted installers like ESE Solar will help identify any issues with solar systems, including some of these most common solar issues…


Inverters typically last for between 5 to 7 years, and can be subject to voltage spikes that may cause them to overheat, shortening their lifespan. To maintain their power supply, a solar company like us will need to inspect them regularly. The cost of a new inverter can be between £800 and £1,500, so managing expenses with a maintenance visit is just a cost effective and sensible way to save money.

MC4 Connectors

The MC4 connectors used to connect the panels on your roof can harden over time and lose their conductivity, which can reduce voltage and affect the performance of your system. A reduction in generation could be a result of faulty MC4 connectors which may need replacing.

Generation Meter

The generation meter measures the total amount of energy produced by your system. There are a few reasons why your generation meter may fail, but the end result is that your payments from SEG will be affected until it is repaired or replaced, so the amount you’ll receive can vary depending on the condition of your generation meter.

Solar Panels

Your solar panels are the heart of your system. Because they’re exposed to extreme temperatures, they may deteriorate over time, producing less electricity and ultimately failing. The mounting system must also be inspected – if not installed correctly during the installation process or if they become damaged at any point, then the mounting system can fail and the solar panel can be damaged. The cost of replacing solar panels can be high, especially if scaffolding is required to carry out the repair.

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Solar PV System Maintenance & Repair FAQs

Some of the most common questions about solar maintenance and repairs are answered for you here…

Modern solar set-ups are often accompanied with some sort of smart tracking technology such as an app so that you can see how much energy your system is producing. In the event of any issues with your solar PV system, you’ll very quickly be aware of any issues.

On older solar PV systems, when you want to see that instant feedback, you’ll have to keep an eye on your generation meter which is usually to be found by your fuse board. Additionally, the company that installed your solar system should have provided you with an MCS certificate showing you an estimated annual generation figure for your solar panel system. If your yearly figures are falling far short of that figure because your panels aren’t generating as much energy as they used to, this might indicate an issue in your system and that repair services may be required.

Contact ESE Solar if you think your solar panels need maintenance or repair.

While you might think that a lack of moving parts in your solar panel system means that maintenance is not required, for a system to operate at its maximum, and therefore bring you the savings you are expecting year-on-year, regular maintenance is recommended – although it’s true that solar panels offer a low maintenance renewable energy solution, some maintenance is still required.

Keeping your solar system in tip-top condition ensures that it is working effectively, without any downtime, so that you save money without interruption. Regular maintenance, perhaps at least an annual service, will identify any issues with your system, ensuring you are not missing out on savings, and before any issue becomes more costly to repair.

The solar inverter is often the first part of a solar system that breaks down (usually after about 5-7 years of use) and will need replacing several times during the lifetime of your system. Our maintenance service will provide you with the support you need when your solar inverter needs attention or complete replacement.

The inverter converts the raw solar energy captured by your solar panels into usable electricity, so if it isn’t working, none of the electricity you generate will be converted and available for use or export to the grid. This is where a solar panel maintenance option is invaluable.

Most solar panels these days are coated with a hydrophobic coating, which effectively makes them self-cleaning. Any rainfall will fail to stick to the surface of the solar panels and will run off, taking with it any dirt and debris.

There may be occasions where it may be necessary to clean your solar panels, such as if you live in a dusty or sandy area, or if your panels are overly affected by bird droppings. Our advice is to employ the services of a specialist solar panel cleaning company to return your solar panels to their high-performing state.

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