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Carbon Offset Payments Available from 1st August 2023!

We're proud to be the exclusive provider and UK distributor of this innovative product within the Solar Industry

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How would you like to earn extra income from your Solar Panels?

What Is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon Offsetting allows industries that cannot easily achieve their Net Zero targets (think plastics or steel producers) to purchase Carbon Offset Certificates, meaning that a portion of their profits has gone towards making the world a greener place. This device allows us, for the first time, to turn your solar energy into valuable carbon offset certificates to be sold to these businesses. You will receive your Carbon Offset payment regardless of whether these are purchased – these certificates are part of a larger fund.

No we’re not talking about FIT or SEG payments, we’re talking about an extra income on top of your FIT or SEG Payments.  

We’re very pleased and excited to let you know, that you’re eligible for a Carbon Offset Payment. 

If for example you have a 5kW Solar PV system that can fully generate 5kWh per year – at 10p p/kWh – you could earn upto £500 per year (based on what your system generates)

This is an exclusive offer only to ESE Solar customers.

Carbon offsetting is a global initiative but this is the only way to ensure that businesses are buying UK carbon certificates, guaranteed and backed by the latest encryption technology. You and your solar PV system will be part of a nationwide effort to help the UK achieve Net Zero as well as earning you money.

Can Anyone Have This Device?

This device is compatible with any size Solar PV system from the most basic domestic, up to full size commercial arrays.

The Carbon Offset Monitor can be fitted in less than an hour by a qualified, registered fitter with ESE, with next to zero disruption to your property. They are even backed by a 5 year warranty with the manufacturer.

less carbon

What Is A Carbon Offset Monitor?

Carbon Offset Monitor is a cutting-edge device designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing or new solar PV system. This clever little device calculates what your contribution is towards NetZero targets, and converts that figure into money for your pocket. This ‘exclusive limited offer’ means you will receive 10p per kWh of clean energy generated.


How Does The Carbon Offset Monitor Work?

If for example you have a 5kW Solar PV system that can fully generate 5kWh per year – at 10p p/kWh – you could earn upto £500 per year (based on what your system generates) This is on top of your generated SEG or FIT payments. 

The Carbon Offset Monitor verifies your generated carbon offset through an online portal which is personal and accessible only by you.


How Do I Withdraw Any Money?

This is the fun part…You can login into your very own user portal and track your homes energy generation, what the monetary value is of said energy and withdraw your money directly into your Bank or PayPal account

The bigger your Solar PV system, the bigger your financial return each year.

Find out how the device works

Carbon Offset Payments FAQs

Some of the most common questions about Carbon Offset Payments are answered for you here…

A carbon offset payment is a transaction based on your Solar PV array’s contribution to Net Zero. Businesses that cannot offset their own carbon purchase these, and your generation will be reimbursed on this basis.

Simple! You continue to generate as normal, and all generation (whether used in your house, exported, or stored in batteries) is recorded by our device, and this data uploaded to an encrypted database where it will form part of a carbon certificate. These have a value which to you is 10p per kWh generated.

We don’t change anything about your existing array, this is a simple device that clamps a CT clamp around your solar circuit, usually near to the meter, and then plugs into a power socket at your property. It is then connected to your wifi, the engineer commissions the system, and you start earning.

You’ll have access to a web portal (mobile phone app coming soon), where at any time you can withdraw your earnings to either your bank account or PayPal.

You’re not tied into any contract with the provider, and can stop this at any time.

The money comes from an investment fund which is backed by companies purchasing carbon offsets in the UK.

The product has a 5 years manufacturer warranty with the manufacturer and lifetime tech support if fitted with ESE.

No, the device itself is a box the same size as a normal smart meter. It clips onto your wiring and connects through WiFi to your internet connection.

The install time is very quick and should take under an hour. The certified engineer will clip the device onto your existing solar panel wiring, connect it to your WiFi, and digitally sign it to say they have done so. At that point, you just log in and start earning your money

Once you have the device installed you can log into your account (Android, iOS, or through the website) where you will see all the info you need, as well as options to cash out. Once the engineer has been you never need to change or reset the hardware, and the platform monitors the system to ensure if it stops working we contact you to arrange an engineer to visit and fix it ASAP.

When you sign up, we give you access to a simple, easy-to-use control panel that you can access from your computer or mobile phone. This shows you the important information such as how much energy you have produced, how much money you have produced and how much you can withdraw and spend. You can also withdraw available funds directly through the mobile app at any point, into your PayPal account or into your bank account.

This concept was founded by David Duckworth of Rowan Energy after many years of experience in the energy industry. He saw the flaws of the current system, of established monopoly players, and the failings of them to support home renewable energy. In his words, “Am I the only one who thinks selling your energy to the grid for 5p per kWh and then buying back in the evening for 13p is just bonkers?”
He realised that new technology allowed a change to the ecosystem, to fairly reward people who generated power from renewable sources and encourage more people to do so.

This device will validate transactions on our low-power, low-carbon blockchain. In return for validating these transactions, the Rowan Blockchain rewards them for every 1kWh of energy generated by its roof. Rowan Energy uses your anonymised information to create carbon offset certificates. These can then be sold to businesses looking to offset their carbon.

Who Is The Operator Behind This Device?

ESE Solar have partnered with Rowan Energy to become exclusive partners in the distribution, sales and installation of the Carbon Offset Payment Monitor.

Your money will be paid to you directly by the operator (Rowan Energy) 

Your warranty of 3 years is also covered by manufacturer (Rowan Energy)


Monitor 1.5MW Of Energy

Since February 2021 Rowan Energy monitor 1.5MW of energy from customers homes across the UK

less carbon

Pay Outs Since February 2021

Rowan Energy Customers have been receiving their Carbon Offset Payments since February 2021


£136,000 Paid Out In Cash 

To date Rowan Energy have paid out over £136,000 in cash to customers that are signed up to the Carbon Offset Monitors

Here's what their customers say about them

Michael Watkins


My first two devices went in February 2021.  I’ve added a third in December 2022.  Now my brother has also signed up.

Richard Whitnall


Really nice and easy-to-use platform that makes money for doing nothing. Easy install by the team at Rowan and good website with the ability to see your daily production. Receive your money when you want. Overall a great purchase with great customer service.

David Tonge


A great idea that significantly reduces the payback period on solar panel systems. The device is small and looks good on the wall.

The website gives all the data I need, and payments to my PayPal account have gone well without any problems.

Christine Sutcliffe


We have a Rowan Rewards meter installed at the same time as our Solar Panels, it has been a good tool for seeing how much power is produced by the panels and on top of that it has earned us some cash back.
I would recommend this company.

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ESE Solar are partners with the operator Rowan Energy. ESE Solar are not regulated or authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to sell financial investments or products. This product is an introduction on a none-advice basis, illustrating the terms, conditions and facts as laid out by Rowan Energy. ESE Solar are the preferred distributor and installer of Rowan Energy. ESE Solar are not  financially liable for your Carbon Offset Payments or the 3 year warranty of the device itself. This is directly with the operator Rowan Energy –

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