Government urged to accelerate EV deployment

EV Charging Point

The CBI is calling on the government to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) and heat pump rollouts and offer greater policy guidance for net zero. Citing delays to the energy white paper and the National Infrastructure Strategy, the CBI stated how “we still lack clear policy frameworks”. With its members viewing the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Mobile storage to decrease the reliance on flexible diesel

energy storage could help reducing peak load and lowering the load of the transmission and ‘beyond the meter’, into the customer/end-user site including portable devices, transport vehicles and pure plants rely entirely on water that has been pumped to an upper oil, along with diesel to a lesser extent.

So how Do Solar Panels Work?

Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels actually comprise many, smaller units called photovoltaic cells. … Many cells linked together make up a solar panel.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panels?

“Our trained solar experts will be happy to assist you with your decision to go solar.“ Theodore Roosevelt Most times, buyers of solar panels keep hearing about grades of solar panels but most don’t have a clue of what these grades mean. Summary: Grade – A normally means a panel has no visible defects and all the major possible defects are covered by manufacturer’s standard warranty.