What is COP26 and what does it mean for companies like ESE Group?


The next annual UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 is being held this November in Glasgow. What we want to see come out of the climate summit is an even bigger push into the use of renewable energy! COP26 need to wake up and visualise Solar PV’s potential ESE Group CEO, Gary Fredson says: “UK […]

CITA Smart 7 – ESE Review

CITA brings you the Smart, Simple, and Safe home and commercial charging solution! We’re thrilled to be official partners with their impressive brand. CITA charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with compact design, managing the communication between you and your charger via an easy-to-use App experience. It’s slick and really makes the process so user friendly. CITA Smart EV Charger Management System now has some exciting new […]

Pulsar Plus by Wallbox – ESE Review

This week, we are reviewing the Pulsar Plus by Wallbox! The Pulsar Plus is even smarter than its predecessor and is available with Power Boost (this is sold separately) intelligence. Power Boost balances charging and home energy use, maximising the power available to your vehicle. It also includes DC leakage protection to ensure your installation conforms with the latest safety standards.  Let’s get […]

Zappi from myenergi – ESE Review


Each week we will be sharing our favourite EV chargers that are on the market right now. You might be relieved to know that there is a broad selection to choose from so if you are looking to go electric, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands!  This week we are looking at the Zappi. Designed and made by myenergi based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, the Zappi has […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Battery Storage in Your Home

5 Reasons to choose Battery Storage - ESE Group

If you’re considering investing in a battery for your energy storage, then we’ve got 5 reasons to influence your final decision. Information is power and with the world in climate crisis mode right now, it’s never been more important to go green!  In 2019 the average combined gas and electricity bill for UK households reached an eye-watering £1,289 a year. Broken down, the average electricity bill was £679 – an increase of […]