CITA Smart 7 – ESE Review

CITA brings you the Smart, Simple, and Safe home and commercial charging solution! We’re thrilled to be official partners with their impressive brand. CITA charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with compact design, managing the communication between you and your charger via an easy-to-use App experience. It’s slick and really makes the process so user friendly.

CITA Smart EV Charger Management System now has some exciting new features. The new software has enabled all EV charger owners, irrespective of whether their businesses are small or on a large scale, to get access to all the smart features the platform has to offer! 

The most attractive feature of this new software would be that of an efficient EV management system that accepts online payments and combines it with a VAT implemented invoicing system without any third-party integration. It’s that safe & easy! 

Here are some key features of the cloud platform to manage CITA Smart EV Chargers: 

  1. Smart Load Management 
  1. Monitor charging activity 
  1. Set charging fee-based on kWh. 
  1. Convenient station management 
  1. Analytics to monitor your business growth. 
  1. A simplistic invoicing system with VAT implementation 
  1. Accept payment online with CITA Mobile App for EV Drivers 

Apart from the software, CITA Smart has also released a state-of-the-art mobile app: CITA Smart EV Station which is yet another benefit that this award-winning company include in their service. 

CITA Smart EV Station is a simple, yet intelligent platform specially designed for EV drivers. Using their app, drivers can find CITA Smart EV charging stations at the most convenient time and location and pay for services online after each session. Other key features of the app include: 

  1. Visibility of availability and speed of chargers in the CITA EV Network. 
  1. Accurate price information before each charging session 
  1. Start charging sessions, make payment online using credit/debit cards, and lead online payment method providers like apple pay. 
  1. Monitor of your charging session and track analytics at the end of each session. 

ESE Group are approved distribution and installers for CITA EV Chargers across the UK and look forward to a greener future alongside this great brand!  

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