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DMEGC In Brief:

Founded in 1980, Chinese company DMEGC are a world-leading manufacturer of renewable energy products for residential, commercial and utility applications. Their products have excellent efficiency and the company is noted for its outstanding R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Its latest panels are the 570-580 W TOPCon solar module series. The company claims the new tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) products combine a double-glass design with half-cut N-type cell technology makes it exceptionally efficient. The claimed power output capacity ranges from 22.07% to 22.45%, which is at the high end of the ratings for solar panels.

The company is popular in Europe with solar panel installers, and EUPD Research awarded the ‘2023 Top Brand PV Modules’ badge to DMEGC Solar at the Solar Solutions exhibition held in the Netherlands annually. This is the sixth consecutive year that DMEGC Solar has won the award since 2018.

It has four ranges of monocrystalline solar panels available to household customers: the N-Series, M10 Series, M6 Series, and Greenhouse Series, which as its name suggests, is specially-designed to turn greenhouses, carports and the like into solar power generation microgrids. All these different panels come with a 15 year product warranty and a 30 year power output warranty, making them a great option for domestic and smaller commercial solar setups.

DMEGC Company Overview:

Trading for 40+ years, DMEGC solar is one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. Boasting four manufacturing bases in China, with an annual capacity of 8GW cells, 7GW modules and cumulative production of over 28GW of solar panels.

The company has industry-leading R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance and excellent support services. DMEGC provides high-efficiency PV products and system solutions covering  residential, commercial and utility applications. 

Recently the company passed the French low-carbon certification for module life cycle, and is a leading brand of black modules for the European distributed market. It is listed as Bloomberg ‘Tier 1 Solar Panels Manufacturer’ which means it is stable financially, and EUPD ‘Top Brand PV’ company. It is one of the top ten solar PV module companies in the world by shipped volume, according to industry data collated by

DMEGC Solar Panel Specifications

N-Type Solar Series

Power 565~580W; Maximum Efficiency 22.45%; Product Warranty: 15 years, Power Output Warranty: 30 years.

This is an N-type, bifacial module with dual glass. It is aimed at larger roofs and utility applications. DMEGC claim a 0.42% annual degradation rate, so efficiency falls to 87.4% after 30 years of operation. That is far superior to the average industry degradation rate of 0.7% per year. The benefits of these panels include Lower LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy), reduced installation cost and therefore shorter overall payback time. 

The four products in this range are:





They are maximum power rated at 565 / 570 / 575 / 580 Watts.

M10 Solar Series

Power 390W~405W; Maximum Efficiency 20.74%; Product Warranty: 15 years, Power Output Warranty: 30 years.

This is a bifacial module with dual glass, most suited to residential applications. It integrates 182 mm large-size silicon wafers with PERC, multi-busbar, half-cell, bifacial and full black technologies. The efficiency is above average and delivers an excellent power output for its size.

The claimed degradation factor is 4.33% per year, so output in Year 30 would be 85%, which is again well above the industry-average annual degradation of 0.7%.

The modules have a stylish, black aesthetic which looks great on home roofs. 

Maximum Power Output: 390 / 395 / 400 / 405 Watts.

There are three panels in this range:




M6 Solar Series

Power 360~375W; Maximum Efficiency 20.59%; Product Warranty: 15 years, Power Output Warranty: 30 years.

This product range combines 166mm large-size silicon wafers with multi-busbar, half-cell, bifacial and full black technologies. The efficiency rating is high and they have a good maximum power output.

These are a range of four different modules, again most suited to applications on home roofs for residential customers. The aesthetic is the same as the M10 series: a very stylish black panel which will look good on a roof.

The claimed degradation factor is 4.33% per year, so output in Year 30 would be 85%, which is very good, given the industry-average annual degradation of 0.7%.

Maximum Power Output 360 / 365 / 370 / 375 Watts.

Greenhouse Solar Series


Power 365~380W; Maximum efficiency 20.20%; Product Warranty: 15 years, Power Output Warranty: 30 years.

This is a special kind of solar panel, designed for quick installation on more-accessible roofs such as greenhouses and carports. It has a simple clip-together design to aid this process. Obviously many people have greenhouses, carports or other small buildings like sheds. These low-cost solar panels are designed to turn these modest roof-areas into power and income-generation sites.

The framed edges reduce the risk of glass breakage and delamination. These solar panels are versatile and easy-to-clean with existing greenhouse-cleaning methods.

The annual degradation rate is 0.53%, which is higher than DMEGC’s other offerings, but still below the industry average.

Maximum Power Output 320 / 325 / 330 / 335 Watts.

Pros and Cons


  • Larger wattage than most competitor’s panels
  • Lower degradation rates
  • Monocrystalline
  • Decent Warranty
  • Innovative multi-busbar design


  • Doesn’t have a UK Office
  • Popular brand on the continent, but not so well-known in UK

DMEGC Solar Panel FAQs

How Long will DMEGC Solar Panels Last?

They are supposed to last at least 30 years in the UK temperate climate.

What will be the payback time for ROI on the solar panel outlay?

It is hard to give an exact figure as it depends on the photovoltaic setup, the configuration of the roof, local climate and many other factors, including what grid electricity costs. A rule-of-thumb for the UK is that most systems pay for themselves in eight to eleven years. 

DMEGC Solar Panel Summary

DMEGC Solar Panels are a good choice, offering efficiency and a low degradation-rate. The stylish black design is a winner for residential roofs that need to have that little bit more verve than conventional dark blue panels. They use the superior monocrystalline cells and have a number of other good features, like improved multi-busbars, which shorten the electric current path, and bifacial design.

The Greenhouse speciality series is something that no other manufacturer offers and can quickly transform a humble outbuilding into a microgrid, which is an advantage for the would-be green lifestyle.

Overall DMEGC are a good choice, with the one caveat that they seem to be a less popular brand here in the UK than in, for example, the Netherlands, and that could mean less support for British customers.

If you’re still unsure what solar panels to go for then we’d recommend reading our best solar panels UK guide next.

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Cut your electricity bills

Generate your own electricity with a solar PV system

With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill


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