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Use your home as a power station

Hassle Free

Automate how and when to charge,
store and consume your energy.

Integrate with ALL available
time-of- use tariffs.

EV Charging

Charge your car from the grid,
battery, or solar.

Automate the cheapest and or
greenest charge for your car.

Modular Capacity Range 5kWh to 80kWh

Dura5 Battery

The Dura5 home storage battery is a cutting-edge solution for indoor energy storage.

With the ability to be modular up to 32 units, it offers flexible installation options, including wall mount or stacking.

A 10-year warranty ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind for homeowners.

Duracell Energy has a dedicated team of 100+ staff in the UK, providing leading research and development, technical expertise, and customer support.

With easy installation and a decade-long warranty, the Dura5 home storage battery is a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their energy storage system.

Reach out to our team for more information and support.

The Duracell Energy Smart APP automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs for solar and battery storage.

Which battery is right for me?

For a sleek, smart indoor battery you will want to select the Dura5. This battery can be wall mounted or stacked (see images on this page). For a robust, weatherproof outdoor battery solution, you need the Duracell 5+ which can wall mount anywhere.

Duracell 5+ Battery

Best Battery Storage System Combine the highest performing battery with the smartest APP to get the fastest payback and biggest ROI.

Future Proofed With the longest battery life and fastest charge rates you are future proofed to maximise your ROI. Modular and simple to increase battery storage as your needs change.

DURACELL Energy Quality and Support Your Can Trust
DURACELL Energy has dedicated teams in the UK, South Africa and across Europe with 100+ staff, providing leading R&D, technical and customer support.

Hassle Free Automated Cost Savings
The DURACELL Energy Smart APP automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.

Modular Capacity Range 5kWh to 25kWh

Modular Capacity Range 5kWh to 80kWh

Energy Technology You Can Trust and Enjoy

Designed for elegance and performance providing you with the highest value possible.

Choice, Flexibility and Freedom Install inside or outside your home and easily expand capacity when you choose, to gain more energy independence.

Fitted in 4 Weeks

Your solar PV system will be installed with the minimum of delay so you can start enjoying the bill savings immediately

20 Year Maintenance Plan

Have full peace of mind with our industry-leading maintenance plan on all our solar installations

Our Aftercare

We’re always there if you need us for any aftercare after your solar PV system is installed

Solve your energy challenges

Take control of your energy
usage to save on your bills
Create a cleaner and
more controllable grid
Get full visibility on how much
you’re spending (and saving)
Make money selling surplus energy back
to the grid (based on your tariff)
Protect yourself from outages
with back-up energy

Reduce your carbon emissions

Multi-Award Winning Solar Panels 2024

Earn up to £500 a year by installing solar through us

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As part of the install you get a FREE £1999 Carbon Offsetting Monitor


Cash back

Claim up to £500 cashback straight into your bank account through carbon offsetting.


Save upto 50% on solar

Over a 10 year period, this saves you up to 50% on the cost of solar.

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FREE Carbon Offset Monitor

Making more use of renewable energy sources makes a greener home

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7-Year Period

Pay for your solar setup with manageable payments over a 7-year period

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20 Year FREE Maintenance

Have full peace of mind with our industry-leading maintenance plan on all our solar installations

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26 Year Panel Warranty

All our solar panels come with a massive 26 year warranty, helping you have piece of mind

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20 Year Battery Warranty

When you get a solar battery through us, you are covered with our 20 year warranty

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Cut electricity bills

Generate your own electricity to reduce your bills

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Less carbon

Reduce your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment

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0% VAT Installation

Take advantage of 0% VAT deal to make your installation even more affordable

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