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Are Solar Panels Worth The Expense?

While the United Kingdom continues to struggle with the cost of living and energy crisis’, more and more residents are looking for ways to become more energy efficient whilst reducing their energy bills. One way to achieve this is by installing solar panels on your property. Below, we have listed the five key benefits of installing solar panels:

  1. Reduce your energy bills: While they are quite expensive to purchase, you will actually recuperate the initial cost through the savings you will make by using the energy generated by your solar panels.
  2. Boost your property value: Having solar panels installed on your property will increase the value of your home substantially. Meaning that not only do solar panels have a positive return on investment, but you will earn some of the money back that you spend on purchasing your solar panel system.
  3. Independence from the National Grid: The vast majority of UK homes are powered through the National Grid. However, issues like power shortages and outages as well as the increasing cost of utility bills are alienating customers. Which is why many residents are implementing solar panel systems in their homes, as they can provide ethical, renewable energy which you can rely upon.
  4. Earn extra money with your solar panels: If your solar panel system generates more electricity than your household requires, you are able to sell the excess back to the National Grid. Not only does this further offset the cost of your solar array, but puts extra money in your back pocket.
  5. Minimise your carbon footprint: With the growing concerns surrounding climate change, everyone is looking for ways to do their bit. By installing solar panels on your property, you will be able to power your home using a sustainable source that will not negatively impact the environment.
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Can I Purchase Solar Panels On Finance?

At ESE Solar we are committed to delivering excellent service and we understand that many customers may prefer the option of paying with finance. In order to keep the purchasing of energy efficiency methods like solar panels as inclusive as possible, ESE Solar does offer the option to purchase your solar panel system on finance.

With this in mind, ESE Solar has partnered with Ideal4Finance, an established credit broker who will help you spread the cost of your solar panel system into more manageable monthly payments. Ideal4Finance has helped thousands of people secure finance for their purchases and has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating.

Click below to start your application.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Ideal4Finance on 020 3617 4647 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

ESE Solar Holdings Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Ideal Sales Solutions Ltd, t/a Ideal4Finance. Ideal Sales Solutions is a credit broker and not a lender (FRN 703401). Finance available subject to status. The rate offered is always provisional and will depend upon your personal circumstances, the loan amount and the term.

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We will always price match with any of the competition so you know you are getting the best deal

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Our Solar PV Design Process

Our team of reliable solar panel installers near you are able to work out how solar PV will transform your household before we install panels at your home. After we’ve designed your system, we’ll be able to telly ou all the key details like the full cost of your solar panels, and how soon you can expect to see a return on your investment.

Nothing is hidden

Nothing is hidden from you throughout. No surprise costs or hidden fees. Just open and honest communication about the unique solar systems we’ve created for you.

Your Solar Information

All we need from you to get started is information about your home (and roof size), the amount of energy you use annually (you can find this on…Read More

Your New System

We’re always there if you need us for any aftercare after your solar PV system is installed

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Solar Finance?

If you are debating whether purchasing your solar panel system using finance is the right choice for you, below we have outlined the top three benefits of using a finance scheme:

  • Affordability: Without a finance scheme, solar panel systems require a large upfront cost to cover the initial purchase as well as the installation process. By choosing to purchase using finance, you will be able to break up that large cost into more manageable monthly payments.
  • Maintain your lifestyle: Using a finance scheme allows you to think of your solar panel purchase as another bill or monthly expense, which you can budget accordingly for. You won’t have to miss out on other life events or holidays just because you purchased a solar panel system.
  • Tax incentives: You may be eligible for a tax rebate or another government incentive as a result of having a solar panel system installed on your property. You should keep in mind that 0% VAT is payable on solar installations until 2027.


While we have listed a variety of benefits relating to purchasing your solar panel system through finance, it is always important to note the risks. Like when you take out any type of loan, you should ensure that you will be able to make all the payments on time and in full. If you are unable to, you should not take out a loan, as missing the payment schedule could negatively impact your credit score and also lead you to face financial difficulties.

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Solar Finance FAQs

Some of the most common questions about installing solar panels for your home are answered for you here…

If you have decided that purchasing your solar panels using the finance option through ESE Solar is the perfect solution for you, then you will want to know whether you are eligible for this financial solution.

In order to apply for finance through ESE Solar you need to either fill in our quick and easy application form online, or provide the required information over the telephone. Upon receiving the necessary information, we will be able to make a quick decision as to whether you are eligible to purchase your solar panel system using the finance method.

This final decision will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Your individual circumstances.
  • Your personal credit profile.
  • How much money you need to borrow.
  • The loan payment period.


Until we have received enough information to assess your eligibility based on the four previously mentioned areas, we will be unable to confirm whether you are eligible to purchase solar panels through finance with ESE Solar. But there’s no harm in enquiring.

If you apply for solar panel finance with Ideal4Finance via ESE Solar you can expect a decision to be made quickly. Ideal4Finance are expert credit brokers with vast experience in the financing industry and are able to make decisions about your eligibility at a fast rate, meaning you won’t be left wondering for long if you qualify for solar panel finance or not.

As soon as you have your answer (and if you’re accepted), you can review the terms and determine if the finance agreement is right for you.

Below, we have included a representative example of a £5000 purchase, with a 30% deposit paid over ten years. Please note that this example is only a guide and the exact details of your finance agreement will be provided during your application process.

  • Purchase amount: £5,000.
  • Deposit amount: £1,500.
  • Total credit: £3,500.
  • Interest rate: 12.9% (fixed).
  • Loan duration: 120 months.
  • Monthly repayment: £50.61.
  • Total repayable: £6073.16.
  • Total cost: £7573.16.
If you choose to purchase your solar panel system using the finance method, you must note down the listed APR (annual percentage rate) that corresponds with your payments. The finance options available through ESE Solar have a fixed rate of 12.9% APR over three to ten years (or 36 to 120 months). However, this is also subject to the lender’s assessment.

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