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FIT Payment Reimbursement

ESE Group will cover your FIT payment whilst awaiting repair. ESE Group will financially reimburse any maintenance customer for their FIT and Export tariff from the date a fault has been reported and logged with our maintenance team, to the time it is fixed. We reserve the right to request 3 years of historical data in all instances which clearly shows, by quarter, FIT and generation payments.

This will be calculated by using the average of the 3 previous years’ payments, showing the daily rate per KW hours. This will be multiplied by the number of days since the system fault was advised until the day the system issue is resolved and repaired.

The following months are exempt: November, December, January, and February, due to weather conditions. We are unable to carry out faults connected to issues on rooftops during this time where connections are compromised due to the weather.

You will receive an email from our Accounts Department acknowledging receipt and payment will be made within six weeks.  


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ESE Group reserve the right to refuse any payments or to withdraw this offer at any time.