Gary Fredson CEO of ESE Group

Gary Fredson, founder and CEO of the ESE Group talks to Tom Houghton from the Liverpool Echo.

Gary shared his story of some of his darkest moments when he lost everything and was living on pot noodles, borrowing money from his Father to buy his daughter a birthday present.

Close to bankruptcy, losing his car and having his properties repossessed there were some very dark moments Gary admitted.

It is at these times that you find out who your real friends are. You discover who are your fair weather friends.

It is also easy to be negative and blame everybody and everything else for your situation. It is hard to took in the mirror daily, accept responsibility and doing something about it.

Gary made the decision that he was going to change his mindset and set regular goals and be positive.

This positive change in attitude, turned his life around, improving his wellbeing and helped him to build a multi-million pound business that is going from strength to strength.

The huge success of the business in this short amount of time can be attributed to his positive attitude and ambitious goal setting and the best is yet to come.

Gary’s passion for renewable energy is infectious and his vision is inspiring.

Together with his team we have some fantastic social projects in the pipeline.

Watch this space.

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Gary Fredson CEO and Founder of the ESE Group

Gary Fredson