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Climate change is an urgent threat facing our planet, and the shift towards renewable energy sources, like solar power, is a crucial part of the solution. However, before you install solar panels at home, you need to get quotes for your solar panels to find out how much it will cost to install solar panels at your home or business.

To get a solar energy quote, reach out to a reputable solar installer, like ESE Solar, and provide us with information about your energy needs and property. Below, we’ll break down what you’ll find in solar power quotes and provide insights on comparing quotes to find the right installer for you based on the best solar panel prices and solar installation costs…

What Information Is In A Solar Panel Quote?

Whether you’re a home or business owner, understanding the information outlined in a solar quote can help you make an informed decision about solar panel installation.

A comprehensive quote breaks down your expected costs and how much you can save if you switch to solar power through things like savings on your energy bills and excess energy you might be able to sell back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (available when your local solar panel installers are Microgeneration Certification Scheme – or similar – verified).

In terms of what to expect from a solar quote, most solar quotes will contain the following:

List Of Hardware Included (Solar Battery, Solar Inverter, Panels, etc)

The supplied hardware typically includes solar panels, inverters, and racking. It should contain EVERYTHING that your solar thermal panels or solar PV system is made up of, including your solar battery and any extras you’ve chosen. A solar battery isn’t usually included as standard in solar packages as they aren’t necessary for the solar panels to work.

The quote should also mention the brand and model of each piece of hardware. It should also show the quantity required for your specific installation – particularly important for the number of solar panels installed as solar panels cost a significant amount when you add more and more.

Installation Warranty

The installation warranty should guarantee that all defects in the solar system installation are covered so that your solar panels generate the electricity expected of them. These defects may be disconnected cables, failed isolators due to water damage, or loose racking systems. Take a good look at the warranty included and what defects it covers.

The warranty should specify the length of coverage, the issues covered, and any exclusions. Don’t settle for an installation warranty that’s less than five years – this will give your solar panel systems time to settle and for you to see if solar panels work the way they should at your property.

Proposed Roof Plan Sketch

The sketch of the roof plan shows the proposed layout of the solar panels on your roof to ease your mind over the question ‘Is my roof suitable for solar panels?’. A solar quote should indicate the orientation, tilt, and spacing of the panels, so you can see that the proposed solar panel installations really work.

Additionally, it should show each solar panel array. If it doesn’t, this could indicate that the installer didn’t consider the cost of cable penetrations through the roof for each array. Make sure that a detailed roof plan is given to you at the quote stage so you know they’ve factored in everything to come up with solar panel costs that are accurate.

Projected Energy Output For Your Roof

How much energy your solar panels generate is important, because it will tell you how much solar panels save you in terms of energy costs too.

The projected energy output for your roof is an estimate of the amount of energy the system will produce throughout the year. It considers the size of the system and local climate and weather patterns. Your solar panels are designed to generate electricity, so you need to know exactly how much electricity will be produced each year so you know exactly how much you’ll save.

Ideally, a solar quote should give you a graph or table showing the system’s estimated daily performance in kWh for every month of the year. A graph would help you see if you can generate enough energy in winter – especially important for home solar panels. It should also give you an idea of the energy produced during daylight hours and how much you might also need to rely on traditional energy suppliers and energy companies for energy during the night, etc.

In addition, check to see if the solar quote indicates any possible efficiency losses due to shading. This information will help you get more accurate energy output estimates if you have a shaded roof and will give you a better understanding of the energy produced by your panels each year.

Essentially, the quote ought to give you an accurate and realistic idea about the energy your solar panels can produce – not the best case scenario just to sell you on the idea.

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Overall Cost Of Hardware And Installation

The total cost should include a breakdown of hardware prices, installation, labour costs, permits, and taxes. It should outline individual line items to provide you with transparency and clarity so you know exactly what you’re paying and why.

It should also show additional costs for factors like tiled roofs and split arrays.

Moreover, the breakdown should reflect any discounts or exemptions you’re eligible for, such as the 0% VAT for the installation of certain energy-saving materials as determined by the UK government.

Savings Estimates And Assumptions

Solar quotes should include an estimate of potential savings on your electricity bill throughout your solar system’s life now that you’re creating your own energy at home or work. This should be explicit.

However, your actual savings will depend on how much electricity you consume after the solar panels are installed, and the electricity prices at the time of any comparisons you make. If you use more electricity than most, your bill may stay the same or even increase. Remember, what’s included in your quote is only an estimate.

You should also ensure that this section includes assumptions about future electricity rates and inflation. Most people are interested in the comparison between their current and post-solar electricity bills so they know the sorts of electricity bill savings they’re making.

How Do You Request A Solar Panel Quote?

Requesting a solar panel quote is a simple process that you can do online. At ESE Solar, we offer free solar quotes to homeowners and businesses interested in installing solar panels for sustainable energy.

You can go to this page and answer a few questions, such as how much your electricity bills usually cost. Answering the questions takes about 30 seconds. We’ll tell you if you qualify for a solar system installation based on the information you give us.

We’ll also give you detailed information about the cost and benefits of using solar energy. Solar quotes are free. Furthermore, you’re not obligated to install a solar system after we give you one.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Solar Panel Installation?

The cost of solar panels is affected by several factors. These factors include the type and quality of hardware used and the type of installation. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing an installer.

Type Of Installation

The type of installation refers to whether the solar panels are mounted on the roof or the ground. Roof mounts are the most common and the average price is a lot less than other types as a result. However, not all houses are suitable for roof mounted systems because of limited roof space to house solar PV systems.

Installing on the ground or a carport requires additional posts. There may be additional labour and component costs, so the overall price is typically higher.

Hardware Type And Quality

The type of hardware refers to the model and brand of the solar panels (monocrystalline panels vs solar thermal or a solar PV system, for example), inverters, battery system (if included) and racking. Higher-quality equipment tends to be more expensive.

However, they can provide better performance and longer-lasting durability. With solar panels, the power density further affects the price.

Power density is the energy generated by a solar panel per unit area. Typically, solar panels with higher power density are more expensive.

Solar Power Energy Consumption

When you install a solar system, the goal is to offset as much of your energy consumption as possible, so you rely less on the national grid and more on your own electricity to save money and use less fossil fuels. However, the amount of energy a system produces depends on the number of installed solar panels.

How much power your property consumes determines the system size you’ll need. If you consume lots of energy, you’ll need more panels and equipment, leading to a more expensive system. This could rise still further if you determine that battery storage is necessary for your system, too.

Shade And Local Weather

The amount of shade and weather conditions in your area can affect how many solar panels you need to install. If your roof receives constant sunlight, your system may produce more energy with a few panels.

On the other hand, a shaded area requires more panels to generate the same amount of energy. You should also keep this rule in mind in case you live in often cloudy or snowy regions.

Interconnection Cost

The interconnection cost refers to the cost of connecting your solar system to the electrical grid. You’ll need to adhere to your local utility company’s regulations to connect your system, but installation companies and local installers will be aware of the rules in your area.

Your interconnection cost may depend on the type of meter you need, transformer upgrades, and required fees.

Other factors like the number of solar systems in your area and the size of your system can also affect the interconnection fees.

Additionally, the distance of your system to the interconnection point can affect interconnection costs. A longer distance may require more hardware and wiring, which means additional costs.

Roof Type And Age

Installation costs can change due to roof type. Typically, installers mount solar panels at an angle that maximises sun exposure.

This isn’t a problem if your roof is already angled. However, if you have a flat roof, the contractor will install scaffolding to tilt the panels, increasing the cost.

Roof material can also affect the cost. Different materials require varying methods to attach the panels to the roof. Some roofing materials may require more work, and therefore, more costs.

The roof’s age is another factor. Older roofs may require additional costs in the form of solar panel repairs or replacement before solar system installation.

Licence Costs

The cost of solar panel installation licences and permits may vary depending on your property’s location and local regulations. Local regulations in some areas may ask for additional fees and inspections.

Tax Incentives

The UK Government offers incentives for solar energy installation that can offset some of the costs. One example is the 0% VAT. Until March 31, 2027, 0% VAT is effective for the installation of certain energy-saving materials in the UK.

Solar Panel Quote UK FAQs

Curious about the solar panel installation process and how to get started? Here are some frequently asked questions about solar quotes to help you out.

1. How long before you receive a solar panel quote after requesting one?

At ESE Solar, we typically respond to solar quote requests within two to four working days. However, the time may vary depending on the complexity of the installation or the volume of requests we receive.

2. How many solar panel quotes should you get?

We recommend you get at least three solar panel quotes before making a decision. Getting multiple quotes will allow you to compare prices and services and get the best value for your money.

3. What are the key factors to compare across quotes?

The key factors to compare are the total price, warranty, hardware specifications, and energy yield and savings projections. This will give you a full picture of what your solar panel system will cost and what it can do for you.

4. Does the installer need to visit the property before providing a solar quote?

Our team at ESE Solar can provide quotes without visiting the property. We use satellite imagery and other data sources. However, in some cases, a site visit may be necessary to ensure that we can install the system safely and efficiently.

5. Are there any maintenance and repair costs associated with owning a solar panel?

Solar systems may require maintenance and occasional repairs due to equipment failure and damage. At ESE Solar, we offer a package with ten years of free maintenance so you don’t have to worry about additional costs for this time period.

6. Are there any government incentives for installing a solar panel system?

Yes, there are several government tax incentives in the UK. These incentives are available for home and business owners interested in installing a solar system. Apart from the 0% VAT, you can apply for grants like ECO4 or LA Flex. The Smart Export Guarantee (which replaced the Feed-in Tariff Scheme) can also be viewed as an incentive because the export tariff allows most homeowners to make a little money selling their excess energy back to the national grid.

7. How can I ensure the solar panel installer is licensed and qualified to install the solar system?

Choosing a reputable and experienced installer is crucial. Your installer should have the necessary licences and qualifications for a safe and efficient installation. At ESE Solar, our team of experts are fully licensed and certified.

8. How do I estimate the return on investment (ROI) for a solar panel installation based on a solar quote?

The ROI depends on the cost of the installation and the estimated energy savings over time. We can provide you with a solar quote containing detailed information tailored to your energy needs.

9. What happens if I have questions and concerns after receiving a solar panel quote?

Our expert team at ESE Solar is available to answer any questions you may have after receiving your solar panel quote. We’re dedicated to helping you ease your transition to green energy.

10. What if I don’t want to go with a solar company after receiving a quote?

Don’t think you’ve found the right solar company to help your switch to renewable energy? That’s fine. If they’re a reputable company like us here at ESE Solar, then they should offer free quotes – so there is no money spent on your part – AND, perhaps more crucially, no obligation quotes.

As trusted installers, we know it can be hard finding the right installers for your solar panels. If you don’t think ESE is for you – then there’s no hard feelings. Apply for our solar quote today, and if you’re not happy, we’ll still depart as friends!

Getting A Solar Quote Summary

Solar panel quotes provide valuable information about the cost, efficiency, and investment returns after installing solar panels.

By understanding the key factors that affect installation costs, homeowners and businesses can make an informed decision about switching to solar and opting for a solar panel system.

At ESE Solar, we’re committed to providing free solar quotes and expert advice. We want to help you make the most of solar and reduce your carbon footprint, so contact us today for your free, no obligation quote!

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