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GivEnergy In Brief:

GivEnergy is a British renewable energy support systems battery manufacturer, with a range that encompasses battery storage, inverters, solar batteries, and a monitoring platform as part of the complete GivEnergy storage system. In the UK it has become a popular choice because of their award-winning domestic battery designs, streamlined software and reliable customer support.

The range has four different lithium-ion batteries with capacities from 2.6 to 9.5 kWh. Their premium product is an innovative hybrid battery/inverter called the All in One, which combines the functions of both inverter and battery.

Battery systems are becoming increasingly important to solar panel homeowners in times of high energy costs as they permit users to store power for use in the evenings, at night or simply when their energy tariff is more expensive, as well as charge electric vehicles (EVs) when the tariff is low.

GivEnergy offers a 12 year battery warranty and these units have an expected lifespan of between fifteen and twenty years.

GiveEnergy Company Overview:

GivEnergy asserts that it provides premium energy management solutions at an accessible price. They engineer and manufacture a portfolio of electronic equipment designed to manage energy production and use. The company’s founder went into renewable storage in 2012, and since 2017 GivEnergy has become one of the UK’s most popular battery brands for home storage systems.

The company claims that it offers impressive specifications for its systems and by utilising top-quality components, with rigorous quality controls, produces “best in class” results.

GiveEnergy Battery Specifications:

The GivEnergy battery modules are constructed of high-capacity, energy-dense cells. They utilise LiFePO4 technology makes these batteries among the safest available in the renewable energy marketplace. 

Their range of lithium-ion batteries are specifically designed for residential and small commercial use to store power from solar panels, keeping costs low and reducing reliance on the power grid. Sustainability is important: the batteries are fully recyclable, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

Some of their models can discharge up to 100% of the battery’s capacity; not all of their competitors can meet this depth of discharge and end up using less than the battery’s full capacity. 

They are also durable and can power unlimited cycles over 12 years. Designed for minimal heat build-up, maximum longevity. Their prismatic – not soft pouch – cells deliver high efficiency.

Ethically sourced and cobalt-free components. Round trip efficiency of 93% means superior energy retention. Each cell in the battery pack is individually monitored and balanced.

The GivEnergy range has four batteries with outputs from 2.6kW to 9.5 kW, and they also offer their All in One Battery/Inverter combination, which comes with 13.5kWh capacity as standard – from a single battery; it can be stacked to store even more power. The design is compact and stylish so can be installed easily in most homes, either indoors or outdoors. At ESE Solar we recommend that such appliances are protected from the weather if possible, for example in a carport or under the eaves of a roof: this will ensure the unit is placed to deliver its optimum lifespan and output.

The batteries have an ‘eco mode’, which offers users the flexibility to use their own renewable power as much as possible, and import the minimum amount of electricity from the grid.

GivEnergy batteries can be matched with various solar inverters, such as Solis, Huawei, Growatt, and various other brands,  so are compatible with many systems available in the UK. However these units work best with GivEnergy components and potential purchasers should check that they are compatible with existing systems.

Like most renewable energy systems nowadays, GivEnergy users can utilise a mobile app, which enables people to monitor energy usage, performance charge and discharge cycles, and adjust any settings when needed.

These batteries work with the Agile Octopus tariff, and other Economy 7 tariffs. This means users can charge their batteries when energy prices are lowest to maximise savings. The Agile Octopus smart tariff offers energy prices which are updated every 30 minutes and the price tracking encourages customers to use energy during off-peak hours. Customers who alter their energy usage to improve supply and demand matching and reduce emissions, can save money and benefit the environment.

So at times when wholesale rates go down, so do energy bills, and customers can save even more if they can shift their daily electricity use outside of peak times with a GivEnergy battery storage system. For example charging EVs, or running power-hungry appliances like washing machines, would benefit from this system. By using GivEnergy batteries to store solar energy during the day, the system can use or export energy when required, including to take advantage of Agile Octopus export rates to maximise the financial return.

Smart tariffs and the GivEnergy battery storage system integrate perfectly. Octopus Energy has become the first energy provider to give such a tariff, however, it’s worth remembering that the battery technology is compatible with most other energy providers too. Other providers will no doubt soon be ensuring their customers have the option of smart tariffs too.

GivEnergy Battery Specifications:

Giv-Bat 2.6

2.6kWh / 51Ah capacity
80% depth of discharge
IP65 rating
Dimensions 299H x 205D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty

Giv-Bat 5.2

5.2 kWh / 102 Ah capacity
80% depth of discharge
IP65 rating
Dimensions 515H X 223D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty

Giv-Bat 8.2

8.2 kWh / 160 Ah capacity
100% depth of discharge
IP65 rating
Dimensions 669H X 223D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty

Giv-Bat 9.5

9.5 kWh / 186 Ah capacity
100% depth of discharge
IP65 rating
Dimensions 800H X 242D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty

All in One Battery+Inverter Module

This couples with the grid, so the All in One can deliver 7.2kW of peak power into a residence on top of any solar generation from PV power. It has a substantial 13.5kWh useable battery pack that stores generated power. 

The unit features a modular design with four removable battery packs, allowing for ease of installation and maintenance. Additional All in One units can be installed in parallel to increase system capacity easily.

6000W nominal AC output power
7.2kW @ 10s, 6.5kW @ 30s peak power
IP65 rating
Dimensions 1100H x 600W x 280D (mm)
12 year warranty

Pros and Cons of GivEnergy Batteries


  • Cheaper than the Tesla Powerwall
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Safety conscious design
  • “Eco Mode” offers maximum use of own generated power
  • Works together with Economy 7 tariffs like Agile Octopus.


  • Lower power output than some competitor’s models, which may not be sufficient for larger households with high electricity demand.
  • No backup power feature, so they cannot provide power during a blackout or power outage.
  • Potential compatibility issues: these batteries can work with a variety of inverters, there may be compatibility issues with some systems.

GivEnergy Battery FAQs

Q: What size GivEnergy battery will be needed?

A: The general rule of thumb is to choose a battery that is at least double your solar PV output value. e.g. Solar PV = 5kWp then select a 10kWh battery.

Q: Are the GivEnergy batteries compatible with other brands?

The GivEnergy storage battery is designed to work best with other GivEnergy products, but it can also interface with other manufacturers’ systems.

There could be compatibility issues, therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from ESE Solar or GivEnergy support before adding any components to the system.

Q: Will the GivEnergy battery function in winter?

A: Yes, the GivEnergy battery is designed to operate in all seasons, including winter.

However, its performance may be impacted by colder temperatures, which can reduce the efficiency and capacity of the battery. This is a common issue with all lithium-ion batteries and not specific to the GivEnergy battery.

Q: Does GivEnergy work with Agile Octopus?

A: Yes, it does. One of the major selling points of the GivEnergy battery is the fact that it works effectively with Economy 7 tariffs like Agile Octopus.

GivEnergy Battery Summary

The company has a strong reputation for customer service, and the battery system is highly reliable and efficient. It is easy to install and use, and can be easily integrated with existing solar PV systems. With all this in mind, the GivEnergy batteries are one of the top products out there, however, we also have a full guide on the best solar batteries, so you can compare yourself. 

The GivEnergy battery’s 100% depth of discharge means that users get more usable energy than with other brands’ models of similar capacity.

Additionally, the battery’s compatibility with a range of inverters and other components makes it a versatile choice for homeowners looking to invest in energy storage.

The All in One is a premium product which could be a benefit to someone setting up a new system, as they will be able to avoid the cost and space requirements of separate battery and inverter units.

The GivEnergy Battery is a cost-effective solution for households and small businesses seeking to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions whilst increasing energy independence.

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