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Greenlinx In Brief:

Greenlinx are the UK’s first battery to use High Power Density (HPD) Lithium Cells, which can utilise 100% of the battery capacity (other lithium batteries can only use 90%). This is a battery unit that can easily be retrofitted into an existing solar panel system, or be a part of the design from the initial planning. So it is a flexible system.

Greenlinx sells batteries with a capacity of 3.2 kWh per unit. It is easy to link multiple batteries together to obtain the amount of battery storage needed. For example, if the system requires 12.8 kWh of storage, then four batteries will have to be purchased.

The design is a pleasing one, and its stylish aesthetic means that the unit doesn’t have to be hidden away in a cupboard or garage.

It links easily into most popular types of inverters, and has a warranty of ten years, which is similar to many other batteries currently available.


Greenlix Company Overview:

Greenlinx is an established manufacturer of renewable technologies including battery storage products. The domestic and commercial battery solutions are distributed globally and have obtained a good market share as customers appreciate their quality. Greenlinx have developed a range of batteries to push the technological limits of performance, temperature management, ease-of-use, monitoring and technical support.

Greenlinx are exclusively distributed by Infinity Innovations Ltd. in the UK and Europe. While they are quite recent entrants to the UK market they are well-established in the battery storage industry worldwide.

Greenlinx batteries also have an emphasis on safety, with many built-in safety features to ensure that accidents are minimised. Given the concerns with overheating, and even fires, in some lithium-ion batteries (for example, Tesla, or some laptop batteries) this focus on safety via numerous features such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection, is commendable. The software should alert the user and ESG technical support if a parameter is exceeded so remedial action can be taken before there is a serious malfunction.


Greenlinx Battery Specifications:

The Greenlinx Battery system features advanced technology to enable 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) which is an advantage over competitor products which max out at 90%. 

  • 10-year design life 
  • Efficient monitoring by intelligent built-in software 
  • System digital monitoring Platform monitoring/Remote control/Intelligent learning /Digital management
  • Strong adaptability with modular design/multi-protocol access/portable installation 

The battery electricity storage system (BESS) is a useful add-on to any renewable energy generation system, particular solar panels. It can store energy for use when the sun is not shining. It can also take advantage of low grid pricing, for example, to acquire cheap electricity for use later. The BESS can also charge electric vehicles, which are becoming more prevalent on UK roads.

The Greenlinx battery system has two advantages in a power outage, compared to homes that only have grid-supplied electricity: it can feed emergency power to appliances and lights. The system also has a socket, so that an external appliance, for example a heater or a kettle can be plugged into it, even if the mains power is shut off.

  • 3.2 kWh capacity per battery
  • 100% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Modular, uses 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection, giving a maximum of 25.6 kWh
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • Next Generation HPD High Power Density Lithium
  • Able to operate with a wide variety of inverters
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and advanced monitoring systems
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Remote health check availability

The system enables EGS Group engineers to check the battery remotely and diagnose any issues quickly from our offices: this is much more efficient than having to come to the site if there are any problems that need solving. The software monitoring and analysis that the unit operates is amongst the best in class so users can be confident as to the state of the battery system at all times.

The Greenlinx 3200 HPD battery offers power, quality, and robust performance with online monitoring to ensure that this is one of the premier products in the residential energy storage market.

This BESS unit is also easy to install: it can be floor-mounted or fixed to a wall. There does need to be airflow in the mounting location as batteries do get hot and need normal cooling. Unlike many other batteries, Greenlinx 3200 HPD is rated at IP 54 protection class, so it does have weather protection. However ESG Group recommends that all electrical equipment should be sited in a location away from the elements such as a carport, garage, under the eaves or a utility space. This will maximise the life-span of the battery.


Greenlinx Product Parameters:


Nominal energy 3.2kWh 
Cell type Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) 
Depth of Discharge (DOD)100.00%
Operating voltage range 48~57.6V 
Standard voltage 51.2V 
Standard charging current 40A 
Standard discharge current 60A 
Weight 35Kg
Range of working temperature Charging: from 0~50℃

Discharging: from-10~50℃

Protection class IP54
Cooling type Air cooled
Communication CAN/RS485 
Energy(LVES-E Series) 3.4kWh/6.8kWh/10.2kWh/13.6kWh/17kWh/20.4kWh/23.8kWh/27.2kWh
SafetyIEC 62619
Transportation UN38.3


Greenlinx Battery Pros and Cons


  • 100% DOD – they discharge all their current whereas most batteries only discharge 90%
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Robust and practical
  • Advanced software and monitoring
  • Can operate in low temperatures down to – 10º C
  • User-friendly and easy to install


  • Not long in the UK market so has not built up a substantial track record

Greenlinx Battery FAQs

Q: Are batteries necessary for new solar panel systems?

A: They are not mandatory. It depends on your budget. However they add flexibility to your home generation system, and could be a very important backup in the case of power outages.

Q: Do I have to have solar panels to install a battery?

A: No: some householders use batteries to maximise their savings on cheap electricity, by time-shifting off-peak energy and using it when needed, instead of higher-rate grid-supplied power. 

Q: Will a battery need replacing at some point?

A: Lithium-ion batteries are quite robust and maintenance-free. However they have a lifespan of 10-15 years, compared to 25 years for solar panels. This means that a battery system will need to be replaced at some point as it wears out. It is highly-likely that the cost of batteries will have come down substantially by then.

Greenlinx Battery Summary

The Greenlinx battery module is compact and user-friendly. This battery system is able to easily meet the energy storage needs of small households. Capacity can be expanded by adding more batteries when needed. The exceptional discharge depth of 100% is a clear advantage over other battery products. Its working voltage is wide and ensures flexibility. Multi-protocol software can support many different types of inverter. 

Overall this is one of the best batteries on the market. It should certainly be high on the list when considering which brands of electricity storage to add to a home energy system.

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Cut your electricity bills

Generate your own electricity with a solar PV system

With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill


Cut electricity bills

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Born in North West England, Jack kicked off his career in the insurance arena, dealing with claims for three years. Always up for a challenge, Jack leapt out of his comfort zone and embarked upon 5 years of excitement with the military.

Working for the Ministry of Defence, Jack specialised in counter-terrorism which took him to places such as Dubai, Oman, Iraq, Norway and Bahrain. During this period he worked with various Governments implementing strategic operations to prevent terrorism.

After travelling around various countries Jack increasingly came across various forms of solar from large solar farms to domestic solar panels. From here Jack took a keen interest in all things solar and started reading about the technological capabilities with a view to entering the industry after his career in the Ministry of Defence.

Once home after 5 fruitful years, Jack had 3 months leave in which he immersed himself in a solar crash course and got applying for jobs within the solar sector. He came across ESE Solar, a long-established forward-thinking company whose head office was only a stone’s throw away from him. He picked up the phone to see if there were any vacancies and within a week had a successful interview and obtained a full-time job, starting in the technical team.

Within the first few months, Jack onboarded in various online courses during work and social hours to speed up his knowledge of all things solar. Due to his strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge Jack was promoted to Head of Technical at ESE Solar. He currently leads the team and oversees the product development of new technologies within the company alongside assisting where necessary on their maintenance department.

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