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Ground Mount Solar

Are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Right For You?

Are you thinking of installing solar panels but aren’t sure a roof-mounted system works for your home? Why not consider a ground-mounted solar system?

Sometimes your roof mounted solar panels are not the optimal location to maximise solar power generation, maybe you don’t have enough roof space or you don’t have a suitable roof. Perhaps the land around your home, which is otherwise unused space, captures more sunlight throughout the day, which would allow you to get more out of your solar panel investment.

Whatever the reason, ESE Solar have you covered. As an expert team of solar installers, we’ll be able to advise you further about whether more traditional roof-mounted solar panels or ground-mounted is right for you. Not everyone will need the same solar panel system, as factors like the sun’s position, how much space or spare land you have, and what the best angle for the solar array is will impact the design.

Read on below to learn everything there is to know about ground-mounted solar panels and how they can save you money for years to come. Alternatively, fill out this quick form to have one of our solar experts give you professional advice within 48 hours.

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Why Go Solar?

Luckily, solar panels, also called solar cells or solar electric panels, are becoming more affordable than ever before! Plus, the technology behind this green renewable energy source is becoming more innovative by the day.

As a result, it’s becoming easier to use free energy from the sun and reduce your carbon footprint. ESE Solar has worked closely on numerous projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce the client’s impact on the environment.

To maximise your solar panel system, you might consider purchasing a solar battery storage unit, which will improve the efficiency levels of your ground mounted solar panels. A solar battery will store any excess solar energy for later use, rather than have it be sent back to the grid. Then, once the battery is fully charged, any extra solar energy after that will be diverted to the grid when you’re part of the Smart Export Guarantee.

One of the many benefits of having battery storage is that it provides you with greater peace of mind. On occasions where your ground-mounted solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity, like the winter months or in the evening, you can revert to the solar energy stored in your battery. This helps reduce the amount of energy you’re buying from the grid, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you have an electric car, the ESE Solar can also design, install, and maintain an electric vehicle (EV) charging system in your home. The system acts like a battery that stores up excess solar energy. Then, when your car needs a boost, the EV charging system is all set and ready to go.

What Difference Will A Ground Mounted System Make To You?

Electricity is a commodity. It’s a form of energy that’s generated, distributed, bought, sold, and consumed.

To put that into perspective, the average household or small business in the UK uses nearly 4,000 kWh per year, which comes to about £600, depending on ever-changing energy prices at the time. That may be a reasonable enough sum for some households. But, for others, it’s taking its toll on their finances.

Help The Environment

While the world requires electricity in order to live our everyday lives, our reliance is also destroying the delicate balance of the environment. Although the amount of solar farms in the world is increasing, the most common way to generate electricity is by burning fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases and causes air and thermal pollution.

Combined, these problems have caused global temperatures to rise, polar caps to melt, and whole species to become extinct.

This is where renewable energy and ESE Solar comes in.

Installing solar panels, especially the ground-mounted variety, allows you to harness free energy from the sun. Think of all those sunny days during the summer. Why let all that free energy go to waste?

Reduce Energy Bills

The most exciting benefit of generating solar power is that you can reduce your energy bills considerably. The more you rely on your ground mounted solar panels to fulfil your energy needs, the less you’ll rely on energy companies, helping you save money.

A solar panel system can help you become more environmentally friendly and save money.

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Types Of Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Differences

During installation, ESE Solar attaches the ground-mounted solar panels to a structure responsible for holding them at a certain angle to ensure maximum sunlight exposure.

These structures come in various types, such as:

  • Metal A-frame: a standard frame fixed into a pile-driven pole or a concrete base
  • Ballasted plastic tube: sits flat on the ground to maximise exposure and protect the panels from the wind; can also be used on flat roofs
  • Solar tracking system: allows the solar panels to move along with the sun to get about 10% to 45% more exposure over the course of the day
  • Wooden frame: this is often bespoke and can double as another structure

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels: Pros & Cons

With ESE Solar, you get an in-house team of designers who will survey the property to create a solar panel system tailored to the needs of the land.

Once they conduct the survey, you’ll get a detailed layout of all the possible options. Then, after you choose the option you feel best suits your home or business, the solar installation begins. Before you know it, you’ll have a newly installed system of solar panels in the ground.

The entire process from start to finish can be completed within two weeks if you’re looking for a fast solution.

While it may sound quick and hassle-free, it pays to think carefully about whether ground-mounted solar panels are right for you. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing ground solar panels as well as a few drawbacks.


The first advantage of ground-mounted solar panels is that they make use of land space that gets a lot of sunlight. This is especially true for places without suitable roofing. Ground-mounted solar panel installations are also typically installed around the same amount as roof solar panels, meaning they’re more popular than most people first realise.

Another benefit is that ground-mounted panels aren’t restricted to size, orientation, or angle as with rooftop systems. So, you get more flexibility in the design and construction of ground-mount solar panels. Then, if you want to extend the system, simply add a couple more panels, and you’re set.

Being down on the ground boosts airflow around the panels. This boosts their efficiency and maximises their generation.

They can also be designed higher off the ground. This extra space below them allows for grazing or wildlife if you’re installing them in the countryside or on a farm.

Additionally, the added height of the panels means they’re more suited for bifacial panels, which are equipped with solar cells on the back. This extra surface captures the light that reflects off the ground, further maximising energy production. On a grassy surface, reflectivity can reach around 4%, whereas if the ground is covered with white pebbles, reflectivity doubles, reaching nearly 8%!

Another significant benefit is that you can clean dust and debris off ground panels much easier than rooftop systems. Plus, whenever you need to fix, maintain, or replace any of the panels, it’s much less of a hassle than climbing up on the roof.


The biggest drawback is that a large-scale ground-mounted solar array is more viable on farms or commercial land. Unlike residential homes, these properties have tons of empty ground to spare. With the right space, UK homes could still benefit from ground-mounted panels, but ensuring you have enough space for them is essential.

Ground-mounted panels require more materials to set up and more labour. This means higher initial installation costs compared to rooftop systems, making them less cost effective. But if a roof-mounted panel system simply won’t work for you, then a ground-mounted system may be your best option to increase efficiency.

Finally, this disadvantage won’t necessarily affect everyone, but it’s still worth mentioning. Rooftop solar panels protect a significant portion of the roof from the elements and deterioration. They also help add a layer of insulation from the cold or heat. You obviously don’t get these same benefits from ground-mounted systems.

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Ground-Mounted Solar Panels: Pros & Cons At A Glance



Ground-mounted solar PV systems are the ideal solution when roof mounted panels aren’t viable

Not always suitable to UK homes because of limited outdoor space

Virtually no restrictions on size and orientation, so long as you have the required open land

More materials and labour are needed to set ground-mounted panels up, increasing initial costs

Increased airflow at ground level = increased efficiency

No roof protection as with traditional panels

Ground-mounted panels can be installed a little taller, leaving space underneath for animals and wildlife


Can make use of bifacial panels to maximise energy production


Easier to clean and maintain than their roof counterparts


Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Summary

We’ve all seen the harm greenhouse gas emissions are doing to our planet. It’s time to change our destructive ways by opting for green energy that comes from sources that will never run out and don’t cause pollution. We need to see both big scale change like utility solar farms, and more solar panels installed at residential and commercial properties.

If roof-mounted panels aren’t an option for you, what about ground-mounted solar panels? ESE Solar is working to ensure that the technology behind this energy is efficient and innovative, and will remain viable for years to come.

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Ground-Mounted Solar Panels FAQ's

Some of the most common questions about ground-mounted solar panels are answered for you here…

Installing roof-mounted solar panels is usually cheaper. However, ground-mounted solar arrays could increase your energy production, depending on the roof’s shading, positioning, and orientation. And sometimes, ground-mounted panels are your only viable option for renewable energy at home, if you don’t have the roof space but have ample ground space.

No, you don’t need to submit planning permission to install ground solar panels as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • No part of the structure is higher than 4m
  • Installation size is no more than 9 square metres (3m wide by 3m deep)
  • The structure is no less than 5m from the boundary of the property
  • The property is on a World Heritage Site or in a conservation area, and the installation isn’t closer to the highway than the house
  • The property isn’t a listed building or a scheduled monument

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