Our top 10 sustainable Apps to Download Today

Want a reminder to refill your water bottle? Maybe you want to use a search engine that plants trees? How about an app that helps you to not waste food?

Sustainable living has never been easier, or more fun! Here are our 10 apps that caught our eye and might help you improve your carbon footprint!

  1. Ecosia: Replace your google search with Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees! For every 45 searches, a tree is planted which removes 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere with every search.
  • CodeCheck: Designed to scan items and gain full transparency over the ingredients in your food, drinks and cosmetics. Code Check uses information from experts on green products like Okotest, BUND and Greenpeace.
  • Refill: The purpose of Refill app is to reduce the purchase of one-time, plastic water bottles by finding refill spots near you.
  • Sharewaste: Helps you find compost spots near you to avoid wasting kitchen scraps. You can sign up as a donor (if you have scraps) or as a host (if you have a composting bin, worm farm or chickens)
  • #Climate is a unique app which can help us protect the environment. The idea is simple: you sign up and choose the issues you would like to be involved in. Daily or weekly, depends on your chosen frequency, you get notifications about new ideas or plans on how to solve the problem. You can also share your ideas with the community.
  • DoneGood is an online shopping app for ethically made and sustainable items. If you are looking for eco-friendly clothes, then this app is for you. You can make a huge impact by spending money on sustainable brands, which is impressive. It is not only for clothes, but also for toothbrushes, bedding, coffee and much more.
  • Gardenia is an amazing app designed for all plant enthusiasts. It provides you with botanical tips and information. You can browse information about 2000+ species and get useful information about plants you are growing. It also reminds you when you garden and what the weather is like. It is 100% free and has no ads. 
  • JouleBug app is an interesting game with sustainable goals. It’s the easy way to make your life more sustainable and save money at the same time. The app provides you with useful information on how to change your life for the better. Moreover, it is possible to access local challenges and make friends. You can share your achievements in social media and follow friends with similar goals.
  • No Waste app is such a massive aid in tracking, managing & organising the food in your house. The app helps you check what food is left in the fridge, expiration date of the products, plan your meals, create a shopping list, reduce food waste and save money. You can also synchronise and share this information with your family members.
  • Open Litter Map a litter-mapping game to clean the planet & earn Littercoins. This sustainability app is open source, which collects geographic data on litter, brands, and plastic pollution. This technology empowers anyone to share litter information by using the platform, which can also be downloaded for free. But wait, there’s more! The app also rewards users with cryptocurrency tokens for doing the work of mapping and producing open data to help us clean the planet!

With using these apps, your actively taking steps to help towards a better and cleaner environment for all of us and future generations!

Top 10 Sustainable Apps - ESE Group