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Renewable Energy Voucher


Renewable Energy Voucher

Features & Benefits of Solar PV & Battery Storage

As you will have seen recently in the news, energy prices have gone up drastically by 27% in October 2022. What’s even more alarming is they are predicted to go up even further in April 2023 by an extra 20%. That will take energy prices – for a typical UK household – to around £3,000 per year. 

The systems that we install also provide a monitoring system so that you can see your electricity production, usage, storage, live and historical data on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Other benefits of installing Battery Storage.
Whilst most people install batteries to store the excess energy produced by their solar PV panels, there are a number of other benefits.

By choosing to move to a differential rate with your energy supplier, you could charge your batteries during the night when you will pay up to 50% less for your electricity.

Solar PV & Battery Storage - Protect yourself from rising energy costs


Once you’ve submitted your details to us, they will be passed onto our Renewable Energy Customer Care Team. They will contact you within 28 days to go through a detailed customer survey to ensure that you qualify for the voucher and that Solar PV & Battery Storage is suitable at your property.

The £1000 voucher needs to be registered on The voucher itself will expire in 6 months, and must be used/redeemed towards a new Solar PV & Battery Storage System before then.

Our £1000 Renewable Energy Voucher can be used to reduce the overall cost of a Solar PV & Battery Storage system in your home. E.g if a Solar PV & Battery Storage system was retailing at £11,000 you would be able to buy one for £10,000 by using the voucher. The Voucher cannot be exchanged for monetary value and can only be used in conjunction with the purchase of a new Solar PV & Battery Storage System from ESE Solar.

No, you’re not legally tied into a contract or obliged to purchase a Battery Storage System once you’ve registered for the Renewable Energy Voucher. That choice is completely down to you.

A home battery system is a large battery that you have installed at home, which can store excess electricity – usually that which is generated by your solar PV system and isn’t needed at the time – for use in your home at a time when energy can’t be generated such as night-time or on days with poor weather. This reduces your demand on the grid because your home can use the energy stored in the battery instead.  It helps you make savings on your electricity bills and ensure that more of the energy you are using is renewably generated.

Your solar panels are soaking up all that daylight, enabling you to power your home, but when the sun goes down – no more solar energy is being generated. You still need to power your home in the evening. What happens then? If you didn’t have battery storage, you’d then switch to using power from the National Grid – costing you a lot of extra money. With a battery installed in your home, you can use all the extra solar energy captured during the day that you didn’t use. This allows you to keep the energy you’ve generated and use it exactly when you need it most – instead of it going to waste.

Our Batteries come with a 10-year warranty – their lifespan far exceeds that of standard batteries you use on gadgets at home.

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