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Cut your electricity bills

Generate your own electricity with a solar PV system

With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill

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Building solar carports is an innovative and sustainable solution for harnessing solar energy while protecting vehicles from harsh weather conditions. They offer an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on electricity bills by combining the benefits of traditional solar panels with the practicality of a carport. They’re becoming increasingly popular with good reason.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at solar carports and the benefits they offer. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about them, so keep reading. 

What Are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are shelters for cars that generate renewable energy through solar panels. You can install them in parking spaces, garages, and other outdoor spaces where cars are parked.

The roofs of solar carports are made of solar panel canopy, which can generate electricity to power your home or business. They can provide some or all the electricity on your property, depending on how many solar panels you use.

What Are The Benefits of Solar Carports?

There’s a range of benefits to building solar carports that make them a worthy investment. Here are some benefits that may make you consider building one.

Renewable Energy Source

Solar panel carports provide you with a renewable energy source that’s clean and sustainable. By using solar energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels. 

Additionally, you’ll be helping to create a more sustainable future.

Reduced Electricity Costs

Building a solar carport can help you save on electricity bills. A solar canopy can help you generate electricity for your property, and to charge your car, helping you reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid. 

You can store surplus energy in a battery storage system and use the battery at night.

Protect Your Car from Weather Damage

Having a solar carport can protect your vehicle from the elements. They provide shade and protect your car from weather damage, potentially reducing repair costs for your vehicle.

How Do You Build a Solar Carport?

It takes careful planning and execution to build your solar carport. We’ve outlined a few of the important steps involved in the process.

1. Site Assessment and Design

The first step is conducting a site assessment. 

You need to determine if it’s the right place to build your carport by considering factors like how much sunlight the site receives and the size of the parking lot or garage.

You also need to design the structure based on your needs and preferences. Furthermore, you’ll have to consider how many cars you want to shelter and how much electricity you need to generate.

2. Installation

Once you’ve settled on the site and design, the next step is installation. This requires specialised knowledge and equipment, so it’s important to work with a trusted installer.

3. Maintenance

After the solar carport is installed, it’ll need regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate smoothly. This will involve periodic inspections, cleaning the solar panels, and replacing any worn or damaged components.

ESE Solar Limited is one of the leading suppliers of green energy solutions in Britain. With an outstanding track record, we’ve helped numerous domestic clients and organisations with their solar needs. We’re dedicated to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Our expert team can assist you at every step of your solar energy project. We’ll help you design, install, and maintain your solar carport.

At ESE Solar, we use a specialist Solar PV Design System to maximise the benefits your home or your business can gain from the Solar PV System. Apart from our qualified team expertly handling installation, we’ll also cover your maintenance needs. 

Our solar installation package includes ten years of free maintenance on your solar system! We’ll regularly inspect your system and do repairs as needed.

FAQs About Solar Carports

Are solar carports expensive?

Yes, building a solar carport can be costly. The specific cost depends on several factors, such as the size of the structure and the number of solar panels. 

At ESE Solar, our solar installation packages start at  £6,995, but we can give you a more detailed estimate for a solar carport based on your specific needs.

How much electricity can a solar carport generate?

The amount of energy a solar carport can generate may change based on factors like the number of solar panels used and the amount of sunlight the site receives.

At ESE Solar, we use a specialist Solar PV Design System to give you an overview of how much solar energy your solar system can produce.

How much money can I save with a solar carport?

The money you save depends on several factors, including the weather, energy prices, and how much energy you consume. On average, people reduce up to 66% of their energy bills yearly.

How do batteries work?

At ESE Solar, our solar installation can come with battery storage. The battery stores the energy generated by your solar system so you can use it for appliances as needed.

How quickly can the ESE Solar install your solar system?

Our installation time can vary based on the size and complexity of your project. However, we’re proud to say we offer one of the quickest turnaround times in the UK. 

After customers pay their £1,000 deposit, we’re typically able to install their system in around three to six weeks.

What if I have problems with my system?

If you encounter any problems with your system, our team will handle it as part of our complimentary ten years maintenance package. 

Our package includes callouts and 24-hour system monitoring.

Solar Carport Conclusions

Solar carports are a great opportunity for you to generate electricity, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money on your energy bills. With the right design, installation, and maintenance, a solar carport can provide you with sustainable energy for many years.

When installing your solar system, you should work with a provider you trust. ESE Solar is a great choice because we can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process of building your solar carport.

As we continue to face the challenges of climate change, investing in renewable energy solutions, like solar carports, is an important step to a more sustainable future.

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Cut your electricity bills

Generate your own electricity with a solar PV system

With a new solar setup, including a solar battery, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill


Cut electricity bills

Generate your own electricity to reduce your bills


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Reduce your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment


Sustainable home

Making more use of renewable energy sources makes a greener home

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