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Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme

Upgrade your Solar PV System

Enjoy the aesthetic upgrade of sleek, modern panels while reaping substantial financial benefits.

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Do you qualify for Solar Panel Trade-In?

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Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme

Embark on a sustainable journey with our revolutionary Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme, designed to transform your energy landscape. Say goodbye to outdated, inefficient, and visually unappealing solar panels as we invite you to trade them in for a brighter, more efficient future.

Join us in reshaping the future of solar energy – because your commitment to sustainability should shine as brightly as the sun!

Why Solar Panel Trade-In?

Enjoy the aesthetic upgrade of sleek, modern panels while reaping substantial financial benefits.

By making the switch, you can add value to your property and but also maximize your energy

savings. Our scheme ensures that you continue to enjoy Feed-in Tariff payments, allowing you to earn while generating clean energy.

What’s more, the new panels boast increased efficiency, harnessing more sunlight to power your home and even store excess energy in a battery for round-the-clock energy independence.

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Solar Panel Trade In Scheme without trade in

Downsides of old Solar Panels

Upsides of new Solar Panels

Solar Panel Trade In Scheme with tradein

DID YOU KNOW? A new 2024 panel is 50% more efficient to begin with than those likely installed in 2010

What the numbers say
with and without trade in
Examples of annual earnings

Worried about FiT payments? Here’s what Ofgem say

Will my accreditation be affected by repairing or replacing my generating equipment, and can I use pre-used generating equipment?

You may repair or replace some or all of the equipment without affecting the accreditation of your installation, provided that the installation continues to meet the scheme rules.

These include that:

  • The maximum capacity of 5 Megawatts (or 2 Kilowatts for micro-CHP) is not exceeded.
  • The accredited installation continues to generate electricity from the same eligible technology
  • The accredited installation is not decommissioned or relocated
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Can I extend the capacity of my installation?

You can modify your accredited installation to either increase or decrease its capacity as long as the total installed capacity (TIC) of the installation and any extensions does not exceed 5 Megawatts (or 2 Kilowatts for micro-CHP).

However, you cannot receive FIT payments in respect of electricity generated from any additional capacity unless the extension was commissioned before 15 January 2016.

Visit Ofgem for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme, and how does it work?

The scheme allows you to exchange your old, inefficient solar panels for new, high-performance ones.

We assess the condition of your current panels and provide you with an upgraded system, ensuring a seamless transition to cleaner and more efficient energy.

By upgrading to newer solar panels, you can experience increased energy efficiency, leading to reduced electricity bills. Additionally, you continue to qualify for Feed-in Tariff payments, contributing to a quicker return on investment.

Our experts will conduct a survey to assess the condition and efficiency of your existing panels.

Generally, if your panels are outdated, inefficient, or aesthetically unpleasing, you are likely eligible for the trade-in.

Absolutely! The Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme ensures that you can continue to claim Feed-in Tariff payments for the renewable energy you generate and contribute to the grid.

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Your old solar panels will be recycled or disposed of following industry guidelines to minimize environmental impact.

Our experts will assess the compatibility during the evaluation process. In many cases, the new panels can integrate seamlessly with existing energy storage systems, providing you with enhanced energy independence.

100%. Our Solar Panel Trade-In Scheme is open to customers with existing solar panels, regardless of the original provider.

We welcome the opportunity to enhance your solar experience.

To initiate the process, simply contact our customer service team. We’ll schedule a survey, discuss the details, and guide you

through the steps to upgrade your solar panels for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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