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Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installers Exeter

ESE Solar, as expert solar panel installers, is happy to support the UK’s Net Zero 2050 objective, meaning we are committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout the country. We’re on a mission to promote renewable energy and help households make the switch to Solar PV panels in Exeter and further afield.

Knowing that every property is unique, we offer a solar design approach which moves away from standardised installations. With this approach, the maximum amount of roof space can be used, which means you get the best possible benefits from your solar array.

With a Solar PV array from ESE, you could enjoy a green energy system equipped with up to 20 high-performance 400-watt panels with solar battery storage. Our solar panel installations frequently outstrip our customers’ expectations of their new renewable energy system.

Visit our office at Unit 6, Harrier Court, EX5 2DR, Exeter. Our solar panel installers team, located in Exeter, has twelve five star ratings on Google Reviews, owing to our customer-first attitude. Our team has installed 1076 solar panels, 84 inverters & 100 solar batteries all over the South West.

Otherwise, you can telephone us at 01392 640 000, or on our email at [email protected].

First-rate Solar Panels, starting at £6,995:

  • Hybrid Inverter, underpinned by a 10-year warranty
  • State-of-the-art, cloud-linked monitoring software
  • Battery Storage, also backed by a 10-year warranty
  • A holistic 15-Year Solar PV Maintenance scheme.

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Solar Installation Exeter - How ESE Solar Operate

Our solar panel installers team use our bespoke solar PV design system to estimate and plan how Solar PV will work for you. We opt for solar PV systems over solar thermal installations in most cases because they’re more useful to more people. We provide solar panel installation services in both domestic and commercial sectors in Exeter, just ask our friendly team for a quote for solar panels. Your solar set up will provide feedback on everything the solar PV system can do for you and its performance. Our solar panel installer process will provide you with the following:

System Performance

We prove the effectiveness of our systems by calculating the amount you save whilst using Solar Energy. We match it up compared to what you would’ve spent without Solar PV (based on old energy bills) and calculate your overall savings too. All of this is next to the original cost of the system so that, inevitably, you can watch as the plan pays for itself and more.

Environmental Benefits

Our system can calculate the number of carbon emissions (CO2, SOx and NOx) avoided using solar energy in place of energy from the national grid. We’ll put it in layman’s terms, so you really understand the good renewable energy installations in Exeter are doing for your carbon footprint and the wider environment.

Electricity Bills

All our customers mention how noticeable the impact is on their bills, and that can be readily seen at any time through your installed system. Most people who install solar panels see their triple-digit bills fall to double digits yearly, and that’s not even taking into account those who choose to store and/or sell their excess energy. The savings can be even greater if you solar system is set up to also provide hot water or even underfloor heating.

Financial Details

Our specialist solar panel installation staff don’t hide anything from you. Your upfront cost for solar will be exactly as we say, and unlike other contractors, with no hidden charges being added at any time.

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What Type Of Maintenance Do Solar Panels Need In Exeter?

Solar Panels are touted as low-maintenance equipment that can operate for several decades with very little labour involved in the upkeep of the device. That being said, the maintenance recommended will keep your devices efficient and protected from damage:


A dirty solar panel can be cleaned easily with standard soap. However, we recommend using a soft sponge, as solar panel surfaces can be delicate. Any scratches can reduce efficiency, which is possible with rough friction. On top of that, make sure that the cleaner you use is not abrasive, as this can cause scratches. Alternatively, leave the cleaning to a specialist solar panel cleaning company.

Exeter has balanced weather, experiencing both rain and periods of sunshine. This creates a cyclical and mostly automatic cleaning system, although you should check the solar panels for dirt during longer dry periods.

Inspecting For Damage

It’s best to check both the solar panel and the connections (such as the inverters and batteries) after any particularly nasty weather situation. Whilst your solar panels will certainly make it through, you may find that there could be some debris lowering efficiency, or that the weather has caused some damage to the connections.

Clear Area Of Foliage

Obstructions between the sky and the solar panel mean that the system will draw in less energy. As a result, make sure that all possible obstructions are removed, the most likely being foliage or trees. Our team will point out any obstructions before installation.

Monitor Performance

Your solar panels should always be producing energy throughout the daylight hours. Whilst some days will be more productive than others, consistent drops in quality may be indicative of some sort of issue, especially if you’ve been following the above steps closely.

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Solar Panels Exeter FAQs

Some of the most common questions about installing solar panels in Exeter are answered for you here…

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. That being said, there are several fairly uncommon criteria in which you will need to apply for permission with your local planning authority. The criteria on when you need planning permission are as follows:

  1. If your solar panels are to protrude more than 200mm from your roof’s surface or the wall, and they are higher than the highest point of the roof (minus the chimney), then you may need Exeter local authority permission.
  2. If your solar panels are to be installed in a conservation area or a listed building, you will need planning permission.
  3. If your solar panels are to be built in a visible, reachable location – such as your front lawn, you may need planning permission.
  4. If your property is a flat or apartment, meaning the solar panels will be built essentially on shared property that you don’t fully own, you may need planning permission.

Yes! Contrary to popular belief, solar panels do not need direct contact with sun rays in order to function, but rather simply daylight. The sun is far too powerful to be completely blocked by clouds, so your solar panels can still generate free energy if it has access to “indirect” sunlight.

Although it’s true that the amount of energy produced will be lower on days where there are heavy clouds in the sky, solar technology has advanced to the level that it will still produce more than enough to be a worthwhile investment. After all, the UK in general is known for its far from perfect weather, and yet solar PV systems still enable households to produce their own electricity and reduce energy bills and carbon footprints significantly.

Solar PV batteries are installed in an enclosed space. Whilst your solar panels are able to take a beating from the weather, your solar batteries can’t, so your installers in Exeter will house them in an area where they are properly protected from the elements.

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