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GOV.UK Giving a 20% Solar Discount With 2023 Scheme.
Helping Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

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We supply some of the top-rated solar products to our customers so you can have confidence in your solar installation 

Solar & Battery Bundles

FROM £6,999

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Solar Panels Only

FROM £1,999

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Solar Battery Only

FROM £3,000

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EV Chargers
From £999

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Solar packages

Opt for solar panels or combine with a solar battery for a comprehensive solar package that will bring you the best possible savings and earnings.

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0% VAT & Finance Options

Take advantage of 0% VAT payable and finance options to make your installation even more affordable.

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Price Match

We will  always price match with any of the competition so you know you are always getting the best possible deal.


15 Year Maintenance

All our solar installations come with our industry-leading 15-year maintenance plan giving you the confidence you need in your solar installation.

Calculate how much you can save

Select your house size to see how much you could save on your energy bills each year when you go solar.

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Annual Savings

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Annual Savings

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Annual Savings

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Savings and costs depend on your property size and location. Based on estimations from the Energy Saving Trust.

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We have an experienced team of installers who help make your upgrade as smooth as possible.

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We only work with the best!

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Cut electricity bills

Generate your own electricity to reduce your bills


Less carbon

Reduce your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment


Sustainable home

Making more use of renewable energy sources makes a greener home

Fitted in
4 weeks.

We make going solar easy with your installation usually completed within weeks of you first contacting us

15 Year Maintenance Plan

Have full peace of mind with our industry leading maintenance plan on all our solar installations

Fitted in 4 weeks

Your solar PV system will be installed with the minimum of delay so you can start enjoying the bill savings immediately

Our Aftercare

We're always there if you need us for any aftercare after your solar PV system is installed

How much could I save?

A new solar PV set up can bring significant annual savings and make your investment well worth it in the long-term. Compare the potential annual savings you could make with and without Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

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5 reasons why UK residents are turning to solar

Millions of UK residents have already made the switch and are seeing the benefits


Save BIG

Solar can protect your household from price hikes, and in their lifetime (25 years) can save you up to £60,000.


Earn Money

Any energy generated that you don’t use can be sold directly back to the grid with no hassle. So not only can you save, you can also earn.


Local Suppliers

We promise to only work with the top suppliers, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that products and installation will be from trusted partners.


Increase Value

Increase the value of your home by investing in the latest solar technology. Solar roof tiles are a smart and attractive solution to any home.



ESE only use the highest quality solar products with a 15-year maintenance guarantee.

Make the most of the sun this summer. Go Solar and save £100s

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a huge network of UK installers, allowing us to get you the best price possible on everything solar!

With a focus in the UK on moving away from fossil fuel heating and transitioning to more energy efficient systems, low-carbon heating alternatives are becoming commonplace. Solar panels meet this goal perfectly and are a great investment for a property if you have the right space on your roof.
The majority of heating systems in the home rely on burning fossil fuel or converting electricity into heat. Solar panels are a great option because they generate electricity for the home using daylight as the source, so are a low-carbon, renewable energy. Not only can the energy produced heat power your home, the excess can be stored in batteries for use later, or can even be sold back to the grid.
Our partners can get you fully installed within 2 weeks from when you first order your solar panels. These means you can see energy bill savings in your first month!
Solar PV panels consist of multiple cells made from semi conducting materials, which when light shines upon them, electricity is created. The electricity created is direct current (DC) so this is converted by an inverter to alternating current (AC) so it can be used in the homes. The electricity created can be used, stored in a battery, or exported to the grid. Solar panels can still generate on gloomy days and don’t need direct sunlight to work as they require light not direct sunlight in order to work. The brighter the light is, the higher the electricity output.

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Geoff Nicholls
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From the very first contact to the fitting and subsequent follow up everyone in the company was on top of their game. The products used were top quality and the cost was more than competitive
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Clean and swift installation. All components have been installed together with the panels within one day. The system is working without any issues. We are very happy and recommend ESE Solar to our friends.
Trevski Downunder
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Great product great price I’m well happy and it’s only been in two days even a neighbour has placed a order with the company after seeing mine
Barry Blackley
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The engineer was so knowledgeable, much good advice did not pressure me in any way made good suggestions none of this 'we've a special offer if you sign today 'nonsense ! A true gentleman! And the price was good too ! Excellent customer service!
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