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ESE Group Limited is one of Britain’s largest suppliers of green energy solutions, working with an extensive portfolio of domestic clients and corporate organisations.

Our expert team is at the cutting-edge of renewable technology in the UK offering everything from Design, Installation, cost effective Solar Maintenance packages and technical support for major green energy projects.

Our track record is unrivalled. Not only does our work make homes and workplaces more energy efficient, we also help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and save them money. We are also proudly doing our bit to tackle climate change and save the planet.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you have an issue with your Solar PV, please carry out the following checks before calling the ESE Technical Team.
This will help our engineers to diagnose the fault and get your system back up and running in the shortest time possible.

1. Check the Generation Meter

Is the light flashing red?

The system is generating electricity but may not be working to its full potential. This could be due to degraded panels, the optimiser (if fitted), the wiring, or a fault on the inverter.

Is the light solid red?

A solid red light indicates the system has power but it’s not generating and this could be a fault with the inverter.

No light on at all? (display blank)

Check the fuses in the consumer unit

If the system has no power and the light is not on then please check your consumer unit (fuse box) to ensure that all fuses are in the up (on) position. It could be that one of the fuses have tripped and its a simple matter of resetting the fuse. (Note: it can take up to 5 minutes for the system to reset)

Please take note of the generation meter reading

Check Isolator Switches

If you have easy access to the isolator switches, then check to see that they are both in the ‘on’ position.

1. Check the Inverter

If you have easy access to the inverter, check to see if the panel lights up (has power to it) and take note of any error codes. Please make note of the make, model, and serial number of the inverter. (This may also be found on your installation paperwork)

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