The Green Revolution: Petrol & Diesel Cars Are to be BANNED in the UK by 2030.

This week the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson released his 10-point plan for a “green industrial revolution” that will create and support up to 250,000 British jobs. One of the 10 points is moving to electric vehicles by 2030. It’s an incredible step forward for Britain’s carbon footprint and indeed a steer towards a better & greener future!

Here is what the government plan for the UK’s electric vehicle transitioning…

The government’s EV plan

Following consultation with car manufacturers and sellers, Mr Johnson has confirmed that the UK will end the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans by 2030, 10 years earlier than what was originally announced in 2018. However, the British government will allow the sale of hybrid cars and vans until 2035.

The UK car industry already manufactures electric vehicles like the Mini-e and the Nissan Leaf. To support the acceleration of the EV plan, Boris Johnson has also announced the following incentives:

£1.3 billion to accelerate the rollout of charge points for electric vehicles in homes, streets, and on motorways across England.

£582 million in grants for those buying zero or ultra-low emission vehicles to make them cheaper to buy and act as an incentive for more people to make the transition.

Nearly £500 million in the next four years for the development and mass-scale production of EV batteries as part of the commitment to provide up to £1 billion for an Automotive Transformation Fund, boosting international investment! 

This will help protect and create thousands of new jobs across the UK, particularly in the Midlands, Northeast, and North Wales.

The British government will also launch a consultation support proves on the phase-out of new diesel heavy goods vehicles. Date TBC.

In a time of uncertainty, this is fantastic news. Not only for businesses such as ourselves who offer EV solutions, or to the UK’s economy who will benefit massively but to our entire planet. The UK is one of the most influential leaders in the world and this move may cause a domino effect on other countries.

The time for change is coming, are you ready?