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Why Tigo

Why Choose Tigo Optimisers

The TIGO TS4 combines Optimisation, Safety and Monitoring into one compact module.


TIGO Optimisers are installed on individual panels. This ensures the each panel is performing independently and to the best of its ability, giving you the best out of your Solar PV System.


Early detection of any issues ensures safety and that your system is able to be up and running and producing electricity again


View where power is being produced and consumed with real-time monitoring giving you the full picture with your solar production.

Why we are the Number 1 Solar Panel Company in the UK!

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We will always price match with any of the competition so you know you are getting the best deal

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20 Year Battery Warranty

When you get a solar battery through us, you are covered with our 20 year warranty​

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System Performance

Tigo Monitoring Platform allows you to connect inverters, batteries, power meters, and more to view real-time system operation. You can also see the real-time and historical performance of each module in the system and get notified if issues arise.

Tigo monitoring can detect system level, string level, and module level issues. With one of the best rated monitoring platforms in the industry and historical data access, we can pinpoint and diagnose issues remotely. If needed, we’ll send the right person with the right tools to make the necessary repairs.

Tigo System Performance

Early Detection Equals Better Performance

We get real-time alerts when a performance or safety issue arises. The earlier the issue is detected and fixed, the sooner it can be back to producing energy.

With Tigo Monitoring, you can view where power is being produced and consumed, including the modules, inverters, battery, grid, and more. Tigo Energy Intelligence is also the only monitoring solution available that shows you the amount of additional Reclaimed Energy enabled by Tigo optimizers.

Tigo Energy Intelligence gives you module level visibility at 1 minute intervals – 7x more than comparable monitoring solutions. It’s called Ultra-High Definition (UHD) monitoring and it lets us detect and diagnose issues that other platforms can’t see.

Find Out More About Tigo

Find Out More About Tigo

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