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Our expert review below covers the best solar panels in the UK in 2024, featuring the top performing solar panels from big brands like: LONGi, Seraphim, Suntech, Perlight, SunPower, and Sharp. We’ll cover the very best panels for your solar system, so you can decide which is right for your home.


Are you considering making the switch to solar energy and wondering what the best solar panel options in the UK are? While there are many great solar panel choices available, the best solar panels are likely to be the ones that are most suitable for your property by meeting your electricity demand.

Solar panel reviews are helpful before you choose between solar PV systems and start to rely on solar power for your home. Ultimately, you’ll need to make the final decision (with some guidance from an expert solar installer), but our round up of the best solar panels from some of the top solar companies will act as a guiding hand for your decision. We’ve summarised our top picks for you below:

  • Seraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG: best for power output, meaning you need less panels in your system to generate the same results
  • LONGi Hi-MO (full range): best for competitive pricing, helping you switch to solar on a budget
  • Suntech Ultra V Mini 405Wp: best for the optimisation of power, squeezing more electricity out of every second of operation
  • Perlight NTA 430W: best for homeowners who prioritise aesthetics and a modern, sleek design
  • SunPower Maxeon 6 AC: best for energy efficiency, making it a top option for those who want a system that can make more out of the sunlight available
  • Sharp 410 NUJC410B: best for homes with smaller roofs and less available space


How We Decided On Our List Of The Best Solar Panels

Solar panel systems rely on a few key factors to work effectively, and as a group of solar experts with years of experience installing solar panels for customers, we know what’s important to UK households.

As such, we’ve scoured the latest offerings from a range of the leading solar brands around the world (some of which we have experience installing ourselves) and compared them based on the following criteria we know our customers look for in their solar panels:

  1. price
  2. power output
  3. efficiency levels
  4. use in less than ideal conditions (shading, poor weather, fewer hours of daylight, smaller roofs)
  5. overall look


Keeping the needs of real customers in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 6 solar panels available in the UK in 2024.

What Type Of Solar Panel Is The Best?

Before we jump into the list, let’s first take a look at the three main types of solar panels on the market today:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline panels are the most advanced solar panels in the UK currently, and are the most popular options for most UK households. They’re made from a single silicon crystal, increasing their efficiency even in smaller panels. They are, however, more expensive.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline panels are much more affordable, as they’re made from multiple silicon crystals layered together. This makes the panels less efficient, but much more affordable, so are a great budget option.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Thin film panels are some of the most aesthetically pleasing, as they’re designed to be sleek, yet flexible. These types of panels are much more common for commercial solar panels, however.

Thin FIlm Solar Panels

All three solar panel types are capable of creating efficient solar panels for a solar power system.

How Much Do The Best Solar Panels Cost?

Of course, money matters, so knowing how much the best panels are likely to cost you is important. But we think you’ll be surprised by just how inexpensive some of the very best can be.

Regardless, no matter the panel you choose, your solar panel system cost will largely be determined by: a) your system size, b) your home location, c) the installers you choose, and, d) the number of panels required to meet your power generation needs.

Contact ESE For Expert Solar Installations

Reading our expert guide below is an excellent start point when exploring your solar panel options – but there’s nothing like talking to the professionals directly. Contact us today for a 60 second solar panel quote that could change the way you power your home with the best solar panels from ESE.

And better yet? Our quotes are completely free and come with no obligation. Find out how ESE can help you today.

What Are The Most Trusted Solar Brands In The UK?

Some solar panel manufacturers are well established having been in the solar panel industry for years. Operating in the market for a good length of time means they have had sufficient time to iron out any issues with their solar products and make performance improvements to them.

In recent years there have been a number of new manufacturers who have entered the solar market, and they sometimes produce solar panels of comparable levels of quality but offer these at a lower price point as they look to get a foothold in the market. These options can be great if you are somewhat limited in budget.

Some excellent names in the solar space include:

  • LONGi
  • Perlight
  • Sharp
  • SunPower
  • Seraphim
  • Suntech
  • Project Solar
  • JA Solar
  • Tiger


Best Solar Panel Options In The UK Today

With a range of top brands, finding the very best panels can be somewhat overwhelming. Here we select six of the best solar panel options, most of which we have installed for customers before (and all of which meet the key criteria UK homeowners look for in solar panels before purchasing). The right solar panels for you could be lurking in our list below.

Best For Price: LONGi Hi-Mo Range

Longi Solar Panel

LONGi Hi-MO Solar Panels Key Features:

  • High efficiency for a lower price point
  • Degradation in performance less than some more expensive alternatives
  • 12 year product guarantee & 25 or 30 year power output guarantee
  • Uses higher performance monocrystalline products


 Available current models include: Hi-MO 5, Hi-MO 6 and Hi-MO 7


Hi-MO 5Hi-MO 6Hi-MO 7
Max Efficiency20.7 – 21.5%21.3 – 22.3%21.7 – 23.0%
Power output (Pmax/W)535 – 555440 – 450585 – 620
First year power degradation<2%<1.5%~0.8%
Year 2-25 power degradation0.45%0.40%0.40%
Warranty:12-year product guarantee and 30-year performance guarantee12-year product guarantee and 25-year performance guarantee12-year product guarantee and 25-year performance guarantee


LONGi Company Overview

LONGi is a well established Chinese company specialising in advanced yet affordable green technologies such as solar panels.

Starting out in 2000, the company now has 20+ years of experience and are huge names in the solar world – not just in China, but globally.

They’re known for their innovative approach to green technology and aim to be the leading solar company in the world in terms of the value they add, and the value to customers. It makes sense, then, that they appear as our ‘best for price’ option today.

Why LONGi Is Our Best For Price:

LONGi’s Hi-MO range is a great option for those looking for excellent performance without breaking the bank. While placed at the lower end of the market in terms of price, the performance levels are comparable, if not better, than some of the more expensive solar panel options out there.

With efficiency levels in excess of 20%, LONGi is one of the most efficient options for those with a limited budget.

View our more extensive LONGi solar panel review

Best For Power Output: Seraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG

Seraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG Solar Panel Key Features:

  • 670W power output
  • 21.75% efficiency
  • Heat resistant
  • One of the most powerful solar panels on the market for domestic properties
  • Less solar panels required in an array


Max Efficiency21.57%
Power output670W
Degradation Guaranteed to be 84.95% after 30 years
Warranty15-year product warranty


Seraphim Company Overview

Seraphim may have only started out in China in 2011, but they began with a mission that was clear – making an early commitment to reach zero carbon as a company when manufacturing and delivering goods.

Their green credentials don’t come at the expense of their products, however, and Seraphim quickly began outstripping their competitors in terms of product development and production.

Now they’re known for creating some of the most impressive panels on the market, including the high power output Seraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG we’re discussing today.

Why Seraphim Is Our Best For Power Output:

It’s perhaps not the easiest of panels to remember given its rather ‘science-y’ name, but the Seraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG is one of the most impressive on the market. And its standout selling point? It’s power generation. This 670W mammoth of a solar panel weighs in at 38.5kg and is 3.1 square metres, making it one of the largest panels for domestic properties in the UK.

Of course, you’ll need the roof space to accommodate it, but with a power generation of that size, you’ll need far less panels in your solar system to meet your energy needs. Besides that, it has excellent performance after 30 years (still operating at 84.95% of its maximum capacity) and has 21.75% efficiency, which is incredibly impressive for panels of this size.

Best For Power Optimisation: Suntech Ultra V Mini 405Wp

Suntech Ultra V Mini 405Wp Solar Panel Key Features:

  • 182 mm silicon wafers designed for power generation optimisation
  • Low-light performance thanks to power optimisation = one of the best on the market
  • 405W power output
  • 20.7% efficiency
  • Affordable prices
  • Lightweight, 21kg panels
  • Excellent in all weather


Ultra V Mini 405Wp
Max Efficiency20.7%
Power output405 W
First year power degradation 2%
Year 2-25 power degradation0.55%
Warranty12-year product warranty and 25 year linear warranty


Suntech Company Overview

Another company based in China, Suntech was founded in 2001 and is now a well-established household name in the solar space. The company themselves estimate they’ve provided over 40 GW of solar systems throughout this time, and that number only continues to grow.

Their main strengths lie in research and development, which makes sense considering they’ve made it onto the list today by being the first solar manufacturer to achieve such high levels of power optimisation.

The company continues to grow from strength to strength in the UK and further afield, too!

Why Suntech Is Best For Power Optimisation:

Suntech, with their Suntech Ultra V Mini 405Wp offering, have managed to impress the industry due to their low light operation performance being made achievable by the panels’ power generation optimisation capabilities.

These panels are made up of 182 mm silicon wafers designed to optimise power generation. And so optimised is this generation process, that the panels are one of the best on the market when operating in low light conditions. Because of that, you get more out of your solar system, because you don’t need to wait for peak operating times (usually 11am to 4pm) for your panels to start generating power effectively. They also perform better in adverse weather conditions than most other panels too, including excessive wind, rain, and snow.

Best For Aesthetics: Perlight NTA 430W

Perlight NTA 430W Solar Panel Key Features:

  • All-black, sleek and modern design
  • Great low light performance so produce greater power output even when exposed to low-light conditions
  • Reduced level of degradation in performance
  • Able to work in harsh environments including withstanding wind and snow loads
  • Better temperature coefficient so are able to generate high power under working conditions
  • Do not suffer from Light Induced Degradation (LID)
  • Manufactured with low levels of lead and zero fluorine, so more environmentally friendly


NTA 430W
Max Efficiency22.28%
Power output (Pmax/W)415- 435
First year power degradation <2%
Year 2-25 power degradation0.45%
Warranty30-year product warranty and 30-year performance guarantee


Perlight Company Overview

Perlight was first established in Zhejiang in 2006, specialising in increasing the energy performance of solar panels and offering expert advancements in R & D and solar panel manufacturing techniques.

The company is quickly becoming a well-known name, and deservedly so. They offer solar panels that rival some of the more recognisable names in the industry, and their designs are all sleek and modern, helping provide some of the most relevant panels to the modern day homeowner.

Why Perlight Is Best For Aesthetics:

Perlight’s NTA 430W solar panels use N-type cells which generate more power compared to other cell types. They are able to capture and collect light even when conditions are challenging, such as during cloudy or foggy weather, making them a great option for those who know their daylight conditions are going to be somewhat challenging.

With a high efficiency level, in excess of 22%, you will experience a quicker return on your solar panel investment, too.

Now, style isn’t everything, of course – but we’ve already proven their substance above – so it’s worth mentioning that these all-black panels are ultra sleek, offer aesthetic appeal that is unmatched and are incredibly sought after by the modern homeowner.

Best For Efficiency: SunPower Maxeon 6 AC

SunPower Efficiency Maxeon 6 AC Solar Panel Key Features:

  • 420W – 440W Energy output
  • Power point tracking to maximise output no matter the weather
  • 22.8% efficiency
  • Low degradation (0.25% per year after the first year)
  • Improved shade tolerance
  • Lightweight panels: 21.8kg


Maxeon 6 AC
Max Efficiency22.8%
Power output 420W – 440W
First year power degradation 2%
Year 2-25 power degradation0.25%
Warranty25 year warranty (unregistered), or 40 years (when registered with SunPower directly)


SunPower Company Overview

Our first US-based solar company, SunPower, was founded in 1985 in Silicon Valley (rather aptly, considering silicon is the key to solar power) and has been a household name ever since.

It’ll come as no surprise, then, that the company is known for a number of different achievements, not least the efficiency ratings they’re able to achieve with their solar panels – the main reason they feature today.

SunPower is also an industry leader for social responsibility and sustainability so their solar developments are made even more impressive.

Why SunPower Is Best For Efficiency:

One of SunPower’s latest offerings, the SunPower Maxeon 6 AC, is known for its high output and high efficiency, meaning you get a lot out of this product.

Better yet, the panels are incredibly robust, making them a great option for places with harsher weather or where some shading throughout the day is possible. They’re crack resistant, have a higher degree of shade tolerance than most, and can withstand corrosion. All of this leads to a warranty of 25 years as standard (and 40 years if registered with SunPower).

Another key aspect of these panels is its independent design. When all solar panels are connected, one bad apple spoils the crop. Here, each panel works independently, so if one panel isn’t generating as much power as the others, the whole system isn’t affected. This increases energy output and means you get more energy out of your system with fewer panels.

Best For Smaller Roofs: Sharp 410 NUJC410B

what are the best solar panels

Sharp 410 NUJC410B Solar Panel Key Features:

  • High module efficiency
  • 108 Half-cells, M10 wafer
  • 10 busbar technology increasing the power gain
  • Robust product design, passing salt mist, Ammonia, and sand and dust tests
  • Reliable Guarantee: 25 years linear power output guarantee and 15 years product guarantee
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance


410 NUJC410B
Max Efficiency21%
Power output (Pmax/W)40
First year power degradation <2.5%
Year 2-25 power degradation<0.7%
Warranty15-year product warranty and 25 year power output guarantee


Sharp Company Overview

Sharp was first founded in 1959 in Japan, but now has headquarters in multiple places around the world, including the UK. They have been involved in the development of new and powerful solar panel technology for decades, and their experience shows.

They’re an innovative company with particular skills in creating solar panels that solve unique problems for end users – including solving the issue of solar panels for homes with smaller roofs…

Why Sharp Is Best For Smaller Roofs:

Sharp brings over 60 years of solar experience, one of the longest in the solar industry, marking them out as a brand you can trust. The 410W NUJC410B combines high reliability and is a great option for smaller roof spaces.

With half-cut cells, this improves shading performance, minimises internal losses and reduces hotspot risk for high efficiency. Using MBB busbar technology leads to increased reliability, higher efficiency and reduces series resistance, leading to quicker payback on your investment in solar.

Other Top Performing Panels In The UK

Just because we haven’t listed something here as one of the best solar panels doesn’t mean there aren’t other solar panels out there worth considering. For example:

  • Project Solar Evolution Titan 445: Although not covered today, the Project Solar Evolution Titan 445 has an impressive maximum power output of up to 445W and is one of the best residential solar panels in the UK for its efficiency rating and performance warranty. In fact it has one of the best solar panel warranty offers out there with 99.9 years on offer – one of the most impressive solar panel warranties from any company – so Project Solar is impressive here.
  • Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54: Again, the Jinko Tiger Neo 420W n type 54 cell could have easily placed in our list of the best solar panels in the UK today. As one of the most efficient solar panel options out there (21.51%), it makes for an impressive system once you have these solar panels installed at your home.
  • JA Solar JAM72D40-565: JA Solar’s JAM72D40-565 solar panel is a 565W offering with 21.8% efficiency, making it a larger panel with a still impressive level of efficiency. And the best thing of all? JA Solar’s panels are always competitively priced.


The truth is, most solar panels are impressive, and any solar panel installer who is trying to push one model alone, without listening to your thoughts, is probably a solar installer you should be wary of. Installing solar panels is made much easier for installers like us, because there are so many great options out there.

How Do I Decide Which Of The ‘Best Solar Panels’ Are Best For Me?

Now that we’ve shown you the best solar panels in the UK according to our experts’ research and our own experience with many of the panels listed, let’s look a little closer at the factors that influenced our decisions based on what our customers want.

By considering the following areas carefully, you’ll be able to decide not only which solar panels in the UK are the best, but better yet, which are best for you so you can install solar panels at your home that work for you:


Cost of solar panels in the UK are a significant factor when it comes to deciding whether to opt for a solar installation. Without your solar investment making economic sense, there would be no financial motivation for opting for solar. Knowing your solar panels’ worth is important.

Solar panel prices vary due to many different factors, but for an average domestic solar system of around 3.5kW to 4kW you should expect to pay in the region of £5,000-£7,000.

This would include the costs of the panels themselves, installation, and the inverter which converts the direct current to usable alternating current. Adding extra features such as batteries or requiring a larger, more powerful solar PV system will inevitably increase these costs.

How much solar panels cost is an important consideration when thinking about domestic solar panels for your home. The right price for your solar cells is vital in making sure your solar panel system is ideal for you.

Solar Panel Output

Solar panel output – the amount of energy you can expect to generate with your panels – is all-important. Without your solar setup providing sufficient electricity output, you may be forced to continue to draw more electricity from the national grid than you ideally want to.

If your intention is to try and go off-grid, or as near to as possible, this wouldn’t be an acceptable outcome. You would therefore need to choose solar panels that produce a higher output and give you the opportunity to potentially store electricity in a battery in sufficient quantities to remove your reliance on the National Grid.

best solar panels

Efficiency Levels

Solar panel efficiency levels can vary across different models and brands, usually around 18-22%, but the best solar panels will typically have an efficiency rating of over 20%. All things being equal, a higher efficiency rating will mean higher electricity production levels.

The efficiency of your chosen solar panels will have an impact on cost, so you will need to work within your budget to find a solar panel solution that provides you with the right level of efficiency to meet your energy needs and provide you with the annual savings you are seeking – without it costing too much.

Finding the right solar panels for you is often a balancing act.

Roof Space

Typical solar systems (based on a 3-bedroom house) would require around 10 solar panels which would require approximately 20 square metres of roof space to accommodate the solar array. Where this is not possible due to limited roof space, it may be possible to operate with a smaller number of panels, but you’d need to check with our team on whether this would be a viable option for you.

Alternatively, you should consider solar panels that are more suitable to smaller roofs, or else ground-mounted solar panels.

rooftop solar panels

Solar Panel Location

While solar panels don’t necessarily need direct sunlight in order to generate solar electricity, there are some issues that are best avoided or need to be remedied for a solar PV setup to work optimally. Issues, such as shadows being cast by nearby buildings, structures or overhanging trees, can all impact how suitable and realistic a solar system at your location really is.

Solar panels, generally, are better suited to functioning in areas where these sort of issues aren’t a problem – but there are certain models that specialise in optimising power generation in even low light conditions. Our team can point you in the right direction.

Solar Battery Considerations

Are you needing solar panels alone, or are you considering the addition of a solar battery? Choosing to add a solar battery to your solar setup will allow you to maximise the potential of your system so that you can store electricity during daylight hours and then call upon it when you need to.

You’ll want the best solar battery to go with your panels, of course.

The majority of solar batteries will be compatible with modern solar panels, but we will be able to recommend solar panel plus battery packages that best work in harmony together and are ideal for your situation when you contact us.

Income Potential

Some solar systems can generate far more electricity than a household needs, and this overproduction could potentially be sold under the Smart Export Guarantee. This is an agreement whereby households can sell any excess electricity produced to the National Grid, in return for payments.

If you are intending to maximise the return from your solar panels by exporting energy back, then a solar panel with high output and efficiency would be the best solar panel option for you. SEG can make a difference to your annual energy bill savings and these are outlined in the next section.

Cost Savings

One of the main motivations for switching to solar is the potential savings you could make by generating your own electricity. In some instances a household could become virtually independent from the grid if it is able to generate electricity in sufficient quantities that it rarely, if ever, needs to draw electricity from the grid.

The amount of savings a household could expect to make on their annual energy bills as a result of using solar will vary depending on how much of the energy produced they are able to consume. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that typical households only use about 15-25% of the solar energy they produce, but this amount and the potential savings can increase the more time the members of the household are at home during the day, and also if the household receives payments under the Smart Export Guarantee.

Annual savings amounts estimated by the Energy Saving Trust (based on fuel prices as of April 2024) are as follows:


Annual savings with SEGAnnual savings without SEG
Home all day£630£360
Home in the mornings£590£285
Home in afternoons£575£260
Out all day until 4pm£535£180
Out all day until 6pm£520£150


If making the most savings possible is a motivation of yours, then a high power output and excellent degree of efficiency should be your priorities.

Environmental Impact

One of the most positive impacts of solar panels and solar electricity production is that it is a renewable energy source which can help households reduce their carbon footprint. If you are someone for whom environmental impact is important, then solar panels that are highly effective at reducing your carbon emissions will be welcomed by you.

Advanced Technology

Some of the better solar panels will have more advanced features which are able to provide you with better performance. Technology such as that which can increase efficiency and help performance even when conditions are less than perfect, such as shady or adverse weather conditions.

The best solar panels will be capable of being connected to smart meters and monitoring apps so you can get the best performance from your solar PV system and maximise your savings.

Longevity And Degradation

Solar panels typically last between 25-30 years, but some are capable of lasting far in excess of this, sometimes lasting up to 50 years. Over the years of operation their efficiency levels will decrease, though the level of degradation will vary between solar panel makes and models.

Having solar panels that degrade to a lesser extent will ensure that your efficiencies are largely consistent. Following your solar panel installation, you will still need to have your system regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that it functions optimally and you get your energy and the annual savings that come with this for many years to come.

So, What Are The Best Solar Panels In The UK In 2024?

As we said at the start of this post, the best solar panels are those that suit your home, your budget, and your energy needs the best. There is no one single best solar panel out there – they have to meet your needs or else they simply aren’t relevant to you.

You could pick any of the solar panels we’ve featured today and be impressed by some aspect of them. But in order for them to blow you away, you’ll have to pick the one that’s best suited to you. To help with that decision, we’ve put together a roundup of the solar panels we’ve covered today to remind you of their best bits and help you decide which is best for you:


Best For Power OutputSeraphim SRP-670-BMC-BG
Best Price Longi Hi-MO
Best For Optimised GenerationSuntech Ultra V Mini 405Wp
Best For AestheticsPerlight NTA 430W
Best Efficiency SunPower Maxeon 6 AC
Best For Smaller RoofsSharp 410 NUJC410B


Now, all of the solar panels we’ve covered today are also great at other things. The Perlight NTA 430W is way more than just aesthetically pleasing, and LONGi Hi-MO panels are better than just being budget-friendly. But showing where they excel can help you decide where your priorities lie in terms of deciding which panel is best for you and your home…

Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

Absolutely, we’ve already demonstrated how the right solar panel can bring in significant savings that will eventually cover the cost of the installation to begin with.

But, of course, we’re solar panel installers, so we’re bound to say solar panels are a worthy investment, right?

But let us present you with the pros and cons and you can decide for yourself:

Pros & Cons Of Going Solar


  • As a source of renewable energy, they’re green technology.
  • Solar panels reduce electricity bills, saving you significant money.
  • Can be installed in a range of locations, so more of the UK can enjoy green energy.
  • Maintenance is low, so upkeep costs are, too.
  • Solar manufacturers strive for tech development, to the benefit of all.



  • High upfront costs can be prohibitive.
  • They are weather dependent – performing much better on clear, sunny days.
  • Solar battery storage solutions only increase cost.
  • Takes up a lot of roof space.
  • Despite green tech, their manufacturing process can often produce, not reduce, carbon.


Will A Solar Panel System Increase My Home Value?

The answer to this question is actually somewhat hotly contested, but the general consensus is that new solar panels will increase your home’s value, because the new homeowners will benefit from reduced energy bills thanks to your installation.

By how much, estimates differ but it could be by around 10-25%.

Are Solar Panels Suitable For The UK?

Yes. It’s a common misconception that our typical rainy, cloudy, overcast days will somehow stop solar panels from working, but this just isn’t the case.

You might think solar panels will perform much better in wall to wall sunshine on the Costa Del Sol, but actually, higher temperatures can lead to more inefficiency.

Solar panels in the UK are able to satisfy our typical energy demands with ease, despite the weather.

How To Find The Best Solar Panels In The UK With ESE

We’ve already talked about how there are a range of excellent solar panels in the UK, and selecting the best one is really about finding what’s right for you.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Work with our solar experts at ESE Group today, and we’ll stand with you through the whole process, from designing a unique solar panel system for you, to installation, and beyond into aftercare and maintenance.

We might not be able to tell you the very best solar panel in the UK right now (because there are so many great options available), but we can certainly help you find the best system for you when you work with us. 

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